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Please visit the links and support my friends and supporters!!!

Friday, August 23, 2013

Dogs tie it with 12 seconds left, 3-3 FINAL.

Tonight's Officials are sharp off the get-go. Caps had 4 players still on the ice when the warm up clock expired.

Bulldogs begin the game on the powerplay.

Powerplay becomes a 5 on 3 , 45 seconds in duration after Mason Malkowich is ejected for hitting-from behind. Dogs fail to connect.

The expected preseason mistakes are evident...Dogs take a bench minor , too many men, Caps capitalize. At 9:19 Kehler from Ball and Wieking.

1-0 Caps after 20 minutes.

No announcement regarding the shots.

Bulldogs tie it at 1-1 7:25 into the second, crazy scramble on the power play. Zak (Zeal? what an autocorrect that one was) Bowles scored it. No assists were given but it was about 3 rebounds later. Dogs now 1 for 4 on the power play.

Just seconds after the mid-game goalie change the Dogs go up 2-1 when Brett Stewart's point shot deflects in off a Capital stick. Josh ADKINS ;) assists at 10:36.

Caps now to the powerplay.

Powerplay becomes a 5 on 3 of 50+ seconds in duration, Dogs kill it to protect their 2-1 lead. 5:05 to play in the second.

Dogs score on an end-board bounce half a second after the buzzer to end the period, looked like a good call to wave it off to me.

2-1 Bulldogs lead after 40 minutes.

Bulldogs fail on an early powerplay chance to build their lead, shortly afterwards a misplay at the blue line results in a breakaway that Chad Cesarz connects on to make it 2-2, 4:21 into the third. No assists on the play.

Caps take a 3-2 lead on Kehler's second, firing a rebound home. A couple of multi-year vets assisted in Steen Cooper and Myles Powell at 13:08.

Ill-advised penalty sees the Caps go to the powerplay with 4:00 to go, up 3-2.

DRAMA....NO QUIT... It's August and I'm fired up like its April...Bulldogs tie it up with the goalie out with 12.1 seconds to play. Zak Bowles scored it from Kienan Scott on a Mak Barden slapper from a sharp angle that hit something and went in. Also heard it hit Kienan Scott. Shoot the puck. Never a bad idea.

Game ends in a 3-3 tie, no OT in preseason.



Anonymous said...

Thanks, Hammer!!

tadkins said...

Awesome! good work on the spelling :-)

Hockey Mom said...

thanks for the game updates. Who tied it up?

Anonymous said...

will miss your updates tomorrow night, Hammer! Have a great weekend!

Hammer said...

Glad you all enjoyed the updates...sorry I'm out for tomorrow, but need to take advantage of the family time while I still can! Back at it Sunday.