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Please visit the links and support my friends and supporters!!!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Fanbus II, Sendoff at the Summit...IV? Gosselin on Central Scouting list, Pellah back on...

Another fan bus will be heading down to Saturday's Game 2 - call the Bulldogs Office and get on it ASAP at 250-723-4412.

The Coaches and Players absolutely LOVED the support everyone on the bus (and everyone who made their way down there in their own vehicles) gave the team Friday night. They are hoping you'll make it back to Nanaimo this weekend to cheer them on! I'm hoping that those listening back in Port Alberni on the radio will be blown away by the noise of the Dogs fans on the road. I love getting those messages more than most. I'm not exactly sure why, but I think it's just the general pride people feel in their town and their team.

Friday also marks the return of the SENDOFF AT THE SUMMIT - I believe it's the 4th incarnation of the "only in Port Alberni" event. Get up to the brake check at the top of the hump for 4pm Friday and cheer the boys on as the bus rolls by on it's way to Nanaimo. It's something that really strikes a chord with the players. 7-8-9 years later when I do alumni interviews with former Bulldogs, it's always one of the things they still remember!

It's a brainchild of Bulldog fan and Billet Nancy Smeltzer...she also started the Standing Ovation tradition about 7 or 8 years ago, and I would really love to see that come back the way it used to be. Fans would all stand and rattle the roof before the opening faceoff of the game, and of the 2nd and 3rd period. Bring that back fans! Tell your seat/railing neighbors to make some noise and get on their feet if they can!

Here's some of the previous "Sendoffs"

(Mild language warning - hey, they're hockey players. It gets much worse. But you have been warned)

Fantastic news from NHL Central Scouting, as two Bulldogs are now on the pre-draft rankings. Of course Bo Pellah was on the preseason rankings before then being removed when the mid term rankings came out. A very good reminder/example that your name, skills and reputation can get you on the list, but there is nothing but your play/attidude/execution keeping you on that list. It's not a guarantee you stay on the list ,it's the way you play that keeps you on the list. The only thing harder than getting on the list in the first place might be getting back on the list once you have been dropped - congrats to Bo, he has been playing good hockey lately at both ends of the rink.

Huge congrats to Kurt Gosselin, who just joined him as one of the "C" Grade prospects, which indicates a good chance an NHL team will select you in the 5th 6th or 7th round of the upcoming NHL Entry Draft. Gosselin certainly has been playing outstanding lately, and he sure made someone look smart as after ending up on the list on the weekend he scored two goals (one an OT game winner) while adding an assist, picking up a 3rd star honour and finally being named a Runner up in the BCHL's Player of the Week award yesterday. Way to go Kurt, congrats to both guys! 

Now that you are on the list - show you belong there, STAY THERE, and hopefully get drafted!


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