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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Dogs never say die, top Grizzlies 4-3 in OT, Game 5 tomorrow

Never say die, Dogs top Grizzlies 4-3 in OT.

Full Recap from the Bulldogs website HERE

Mak Barden? Are you kidding me?! If you missed it on the postgame show on THE PEAK - Adam Hayduk credited Bulldogs Lower Mainland Scout Lee Stone with identifying Barden as a player to add...quite the story. I don't think I have ever said the name of a player TWICE when he scores a goal during the play-by-play. I like to think I get it right the first time clearly enough so people listening also know, or it's a crazy scramble goal in a pile and I just don't know period. I had to say BARDEN twice for the simple fact that anyone listening might have been saying "WHO" if they had just tuned in.

I was like UFC on ice it seemed in this game at times as the teams battled so incredibly hard over the puck on every single play. I still would have thought there would have been a call when Teal Burns was thrown into the Victoria bench. At least that's how it looked to me, that there was an extra and late effort to throw him onto his head - and by default send the blades of steel on his feet skywards at everyone else's heads. This guy has already kicked a pane of glass out this season, a video that went viral and has over 30,000 views. Just seems like a dangerous play and it wouldn't be a nice scene or publicity if those skates go into the bench in that fashion and catch on of the Grizzlies or their Staff - credit to them by the way for not getting involved with Burns when he was in the bench.

In saying all of the above - I sure can't imagine the fine line of trying to officiate that, how hard it is, and how fast it is and also how high the stakes are on every call. The Dogs had an icing go against them in the game and they also had an intentional offside judgement go against them in OT. A Grizz face off win and a shot and a goal on one of those, and who knows?

Instead, it's a Magic Marlon Sabo Knucklepuck - the loudest I have EVER heard that rink, besides MAYBE the Andrew Ella OT winner against Nanaimo in 2006 for 18 straight wins.    



BARB said...

Got to have a replay of that WINNING goal, Hammer!!

Hammer said...

Ask and ye shall receive Barb!