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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Dogs host Grizzlies tonight for Game 2

 From "Unite in White" in the first round against Nanaimo, to "Back in Black" tonight for Game 2 against the Grizzles. Man I hope Charles Mealey can fit that tune in at some point!

Jolie will be Broadcasting live from outside the Multiplex starting at 5pm tonight!

Right back at it, the Bulldogs and Grizzlies play Game 2 at the Dog Pound tonight, a huge Game 2 in this best-of-five series. You can bet the Dogs are thrilled to get back home again after a couple straight on the road. I hope they don't think it's going to be easy on home ice though. You need to be ready to play, plain and simple.

Up in the booth last night myself, Bruce and Dan didn't think the team played especially well for the most part - until they made it a one-goal game with seven minutes to go. They certainly had their chances earlier, Ryan Lough all alone early in the second just missing high and wide was one of several glorious looks - but they spent the better part of the game chasing the puck and having the game dictated to them. Coach Willison on the Post Game show said something along the lines of "none of those guys have a big switch on their back that's on or off - you are either ready to play - or you aren't"

I certainly agree with that and have stated as much on several occasions when the Dogs or the opposition aren't at the same level as the other team.

What was funny last night that had Dan and Bruce laughing at me was what happened with about 8 minutes to play in the third and the score, shots/chances, and flow of play favouring Victoria, and the Dogs not looking like they were going to get going.

I was making the point that the Dogs needed to finish this game strong and to find another gear, that they needed to remember that this isn't just a game, but a SERIES, and a war of attrition. I said they needed to finish the game strong and finish their checks, and if they weren't going to win the game, they needed the Grizzlies to know that they were IN a game. I finished the statement by saying something along the lines of - but how about they just win this game instead, as it's not over yet.

Not 10 seconds later the Bulldogs scored to make it 3-2. And it actually WAS like all the players had a big ON/OFF switch on their backs. They all of a sudden were absolutely flying and they controlled the game, won the battles, and looked like a million bucks while just missing on several chances to tie the game. One can't help but wonder what the series would be at right now if the Dogs had been able to play a full 60 minutes like that, or at the very least more than the last 7 minutes of the third period.

Here's hoping the Dogs can find a way to play at that higher level from the get-go and through the bulk of the game tonight. If they do, they'll have a chance to win the game and even the series.   

Catch all the action on the Pacific Chevrolet pregame show on Boston Pizza Bulldogs Hockey on 93.3 The Peak FM at 6:45 with the puck drop and play-by-play to follow with myself and Bruce MacDonald at 7:00.

Tonight's 1st intermission guest is Bulldogs Forward Evan Tironese

Tonight's 2nd intermission interview guest is former Bulldog Kevin Genoe, now at Michigan Tech and a teammate of former Bulldog Walker Hyland.

Don't forget you can always WATCH the game through the Fast Hockey pay-per-view broadcast


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