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Please visit the links and support my friends and supporters!!!

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Dogs fall 3-2 in overtime, trail series 2-0 heading home

Tough loss for the Bulldogs, especially after coming back to tie the game. I didn't think the Dogs were anywhere near their best, and that they were chasing the puck and play more often that controlling it and dictating it. However, they still found a way to hang around and give themselves a chance.

The Dogs fought the officiating all night...maybe if you don't control the game, you don't get the calls. Maybe if you can't get the calls, you can't control the game?

Check out the Game Recap from the Bulldogs website here

The Clippers might be without Chris Rygus for Game 3 after he was given a major penalty and an ejection for a cross-check on Teal Burns after the whistle. I thought the call against Rygus - like most throughout the game - was soft, but I guess if you cross-check someone in the throat, you cross-check someone in the throat.

Pretty surprising that not one the Referees or Linesmen appeared to know what the BCHL Rules are for Playoff OT, as at the conclusion of the third period 10 minutes was put up on the clock and the teams remained on the benches, as opposed to league guidelines of a full intermission and flood followed by a 20 minute overtime period. In defense of those that were confused with what the OT format actually was, it has changed over the last couple of years. Possibly only Dan Marshall and myself were the only people in the barn that knew what was up, kind of funny that I found out Dan and I both contacted the league earlier this week inquiring about this exact topic!

In the end it was a typical overtime. As Bruce said they are usually over early, or over late. More often than not the winner comes after a great chance at the other end. The Dogs had a mad scramble and several glorious chances on the shift before the Clippers ended it.

That's all in the past though, the Dogs need to look forward to home ice Monday. Going home down 0-2 is never where you want to be. When it's a best-of-five and you are facing elimination, it's an even tougher spot. The positive is you only need to win three to win the series. The Dogs will need to forget the last two, and play above the pressure they may feel from facing elimination. They will have a full rink, and the most supportive fans in the league behind them.


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