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Please visit the links and support my friends and supporters!!!

Friday, January 11, 2013

Grizzlies 3 Dogs 2

OUCH. That one hurt to watch as a supporter/fan etc. I can't imagine how bad the players feel.

The better team certainly won the game in my humble opinion. Without the heroics of Deo early in the game, in the second, through the game, the Dogs aren't in it. Might seem harsh, but the Dogs need to raise their work ethic and find some urgency, or at the very least, find it at the same level as their opponents. Or maybe quite simply they need to bear down and get to the net and put more pucks at the net? The Dogs had their chances, but 21 certainly isn't going to do it. Unlike the loss to the Spruce Kings last Saturday, the Dogs didn't have 38 shots and didn't have at least a dozen loose puck scrambles around the net and odd-man rushes. Last night it was just a small handful, and next to none through the third period.

I thought the Dogs were fortunate to be up 2-0 after two, and I thought they came out at a different level than their opponents to begin the third.

Coulda, woulda, shoulda...didn't. Too bad as it was a big two points. Second time the Grizzlies have dug out of a 2-0 hole after 40 minutes to win. Seems to be a lesson that should have been learned on several different occasions this season.

Full Recap from the Bulldogs website HERE

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