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Please visit the links and support my friends and supporters!!!

Monday, December 10, 2012

You make the call...Goal? No Goal?

My call was obviously GOAL, or SCOOORES, for anyone that listened or watched the game. I believe the camera is on the concourse, about 10 to 15 feet below me up in the booth. I'm also further down to the right towards the Warrior net, so I had the prime view to see it go up, back bar and back out. It is hard to see at the video but on the first look I think I can see the mesh move, and I also think on both looks I can see it hit the white back middle bar on the way down. I might be only seeing that because the Warriors Music Man next to me told me the Warriors PA Announcer had a picture that captured the puck on the middle bar. When he showed me the pic, it's what I saw too. 

 Almost everyone I have talked to, INCLUDING the other side of the puck agrees it was in. However, everyone has their opinion, in the end the officials have the last call.

So what is your call?

Of course it doesn't matter now, I'm tired of controversies period after the end of all three games this weekend. I don't want to be on the officials, these three games show how hard the game is to call, I wouldn't want to be them! I'm only addressing it now because I have lost count at the amount of messages I have received last night and today on the topic!

Great job the Warriors on the video!

Comments from the other side of the puck:

Broadcaster Jon Zacks' blog - The General Report

Warriors website - Post Game Report by Wayne Moore

"Hansen's rising shot appeared to beat Tyler Briggs high glove side, however, referee Jim Maniago ruled the puck did not cross the goal line.

Replays clearly showed the puck hit the back bar and quickly came out, landing under Brigg's pad.

The call negated the Bulldogs a second point in the standings."

Great minds thinks alike Wayne...or fools seldom differ!

 Full report click HERE


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