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Please visit the links and support my friends and supporters!!!

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Dogs 2 Vipers 0

I don't know about you, but with the NHL lockout into day 60 plus now was that game well worth the 45 minute wait!

Not sure the last time I can remember a team killing two 5 on 3 advantages of that length in the same game. Special teams the difference, and goaltending the difference, as good as Todosychuk was for the Vipers. Very happy for Jay Deo to get his first BCHL shutout.

For all the chances the Vipers had through the game the closest they may have came to scoring came right after the Bulldogs were whistled for.... failing to advance the puck? That is my only guess, and that is only because that was the officiating rationale I have heard from what we saw happened tonight happen in the NHL last season. Certainly the first time I have ever seen in person that a team/player has refused to attack the player with puck possession. While I guess I can understand play being halted when a team fails to advance the puck when it is in the first or second period, or when it is a 0-0 game like I have seen before, I certainly do not agree with play being whistled dead when there is two minutes left in the third period and the team is leading by two goals. Down two with two left, you need to be chasing down and fighting for that puck. Up by two I say you keep possession as long as you can and keep the clock going as much as possible. Immediately after the play was whistled dead the Vipers had a dangerous banker from behind the goal line and another puck thrown at the net that was a close one. Can you imagine the conversation now should the Vipers had scored off that draw, and after that who knows what?!

Great game, both teams were full credit for the win, thanks for the awesome entertainent Players/Coaches/Fans!

Game Recap from the Bulldogs website HERE

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