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Please visit the links and support my friends and supporters!!!

Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Jay Deo, Player of the Week mention, PeeWee Dogs take GOLD, Atom/Bantams Silver...

Congrats to the Best Western Barclay Hotel/Ace Flagging/Probyn Logging/Smitty's PeeWee Rep Bulldogs, who won GOLD yesterday in thrilling fashion to win the Thanksgiving Tournament. Down 3-0 in the game, they battled back to win 5-4 in overtime. Awesome, never-say-die stuff!

Congrats to the Bantam Rep Bulldogs as they picked up Silver in Richmond.Silver also went to the Atom Solda's/LA Marine/Dr. Tremblay Bulldogs in the local Thanksgiving tournament. Good stuff!

Congrats to Jay Deo - it's only an Honorable Mention but it is still nice to see him recognized for how well he has played the last three more from the BCHL Website HERE

UPDATE - Seems like you can't say ANYTHING without offending someone in this day and age. It drives me crazy and makes me think twice about blogging as it seems like I can't win, when all I am trying to do is pump up the guys/team/city, etc. I'm sure I take it too seriously, as obviously do some others.

Judging by one of the comments below - someone is offended I said "only" in regards to Jay Deo's Honorable Mention....I meant no offense whatsoever. I did not mean to downplay Jay's accomplishment in any way shape or form. What I meant in saying ONLY a Honorable Mention was that I believe he was THEE Player of the Week, not "only" a runner up.

Not to take anything away with Austin Azurdia from Langley, he had a great weekend, but Deo was fantastic. It isn't easy for the league to "spread the love" with the Player of the Week award and the Dogs had the winner last week in Tironese and two weeks before that with Hepso.

How about this unreal picture from Keith Simister of Kurt Gosselin's goal on Saturday...great stuff...the puck is on it's way UP in this picture, as I remember it being just under the bar when it went in but it might have been that it was just that FAST! Awesome!



Anonymous said...

"ONLY" honorable mention!! Come on..great stuff!!Congrats, Jay!!

Hammer said...

ONLY - as in I think he should have been the winner outright and the other guys should have been the runner up. Quite obviously great stuff.