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Please visit the links and support my friends and supporters!!!

Monday, October 01, 2012

Dogs sit 2nd in Island, have league leading scorer, 4 of Top 10, Paws for a Cause...

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YES, it's early in the season. NO it's not to early to get excited and feel positive about your team fans!

Second in the Island makes Saturday's 5-2 win over Nanaimo pretty big.

Yesterday's 5-2 Nanaimo loss to Coquitlam keeps the Dogs in second place which is also large.

Throw in two losses for Victoria this weekend, and the Dogs are all of a sudden ONE WIN out of FIRST PLACE.

How about some more photographical evidence?

The Dogs have the BCHL's leading scorer in Evan Tironese (Player of the Week, perhaps?), the third leading scorer in Lars Hepso, Ryan Lough is 7th and Evan Anderson is tied for 10th. Pretty fun stuff to watch!

One I almost missed - Kurt Gosselin is in the Top 10 for defenceman scoring!

The fact that this has all been accomplished with no less than six, yes SIX players hurt is quite an accomplishment and indicative of the great job that Kevin Willison and Adam Hayduk have done.

It also shows some insight into the overall potential that this team has when everyone is back and healthy.

It's early - (did I say that already) as a bad weekend can put a different perspective on everything, but it's certainly headed in the right direction. While the team lost on Friday, they played very very hard - just like they did in Surrey the previous Sunday. The Coaching Staff has them going hard, the players are battling and "leaving it all out on the ice" and it is very fun to watch.

Keep it going fellas!

ANNNND keep getting out and being involved in the community, like at yesterday's SPCA Pause for a Cause. Jolie told me the guys were absolutely awesome at the event. As much as winning matters, being a benefit to the community and making a difference trumps all.

 Pictures courtesy Kaicee, great shots thanks.

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