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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Adam Todd to Trail, GAME TOMORROW - not on pocket sked - "Dizzy" leads Senators, Vees vs Clippers penalty....

The Bulldogs have found a place for Adam Todd to play, as they announced yesterday that he has been moved to the Trail Smoke Eaters for Future Considerations....they quite simply couldn't find him a spot to play here as they already had two goalies they were very happy with, and there is only one net of course. Best of luck to Adam with the Smokies!

More from the Bulldogs website here

I can confirm 100% without a shadow of a doubt that there is indeed a Bulldogs game TOMORROW/THURSDAY as they host Powell River. I say this tongue in cheek as The Peak's own David Wiwchar has spotted that it has been omitted from his Bulldogs Pocket Schedule! Spread the word, the Dogs host Powell River TOMORROW!

Nice to see that at least he AHL is playing hockey...even more nice to see former Bulldog David Dziurzynski doing well, currently leading the team after scoring twice in a 3-1 win for the B-Sens last night!

One of my favorite Dizzy highlights...

I must say I was more than a little surprised at the fallout and buzz coming out of Penticton after their 4-2 loss in Nanaimo Sunday. I was even more surprised when I actually went and looked at the play in question on which occured with about four minutes left in the third. I would have thought with all the hubbub it was a last-minute penalty.

As Vees Coach Fred Harbinson says in the below story, anyone can draw their own conclusion would not be either "mysterious" or "mistake" - two of the words used in the below story. Controversial? I can't say if the call was against the Bulldogs that I wouldn't call it that. I probably wouldn't like it either just like Fred and the Vees. However, it was at the very least, by the letter of the law, a penalty. 

Watching the video I saw: Brendan Forbes steals (with a quick stick lift) the puck in the slot from the Vee defender. He then turns to face the net to shoot or pass, and he has a stick from a Vee defender placed horizontally amongst his stick/legs/arms/hands that impedes him from making a play. 

IF - the play was at the other end and the Vees player that stole it and wasn't able to make a play, would their bench be up in arms at NO CALL on the play? 

I've always enjoyed my interactions with Fred, always has time for me, is always a pleasure to talk to. He is a passionate guy and from one fired up gent to another, I appreciate his fire. In this instance I don't agree, but opinions are like you-know-whats, right? Everyone has one.

I'm saying it's not worth trashing a lap top over. Having said that I'm sorry it wrecked Fred's birthday. I had to call Clippers Voice Dan Marshall once I read everything coming from the Vees and the Media just to make sure I wasn't missing something. Dan said he was "surprised at the uproar" 

Score one for the BACK referee as the ref in the attacking zone 9 times out of 10 doesn't make that call, in my humble opinion.

Maybe I'm just disagreeing because I'm a contrarian and they made such a big deal out of it. Maybe it's because they are the defending National Champs and they could stand a loss or two. Maybe it's because I was cheering for their Friday in Vic and Sunday in Nanaimo and they let me down. Maybe it's because my cousin and his family are die-hard Vees supporters and season ticket holders and I'm tired of them chirping me about the Vees. Yah, it's probably that!

Whatever you do, remember it's just a game and don't choke or punch someone like this Minnesota Hockey Dad, who is off to serve 6 months in jail 


Coach steamed about penalty 

A controversial penalty in the last four minutes turned a good road trip into just a decent one for the Penticton Vees. Vees GM and head coach Fred Harbinson tried to be diplomatic about the mysterious hooking infraction that sent D Noah Henry to the penalty box with 4:14 to play in a game tied at 2-2 on Sunday afternoon. Just 14 seconds into the ensuing power play, the Nanaimo Clippers scored the tiebreaking goal on a fluky bounce off the glass, added an empty-netter and went on to win 4-2.

"Anyone can go on to ( and look at that sequence and draw their own conclusion," said Harbinson. "Everyone makes mistakes, and unfortunately it cost us a point and possibly two. We would have come home with four points and maybe five. With four minutes left, I didn't see any way they were going to score 5-on-5 against us." The coach admitted he was particularly flustered after watching the replay on the way back to Penticton on the bus. "Not going to lie, I felt like throwing the computer off the bus," said Harbinson, whose birthday was on Sunday.

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Fresh Prince of Sproat Lake said...

The Baby Sens have a Facebook page with a few good photos of DD. Nice to see him start his third season of pro hockey guns ablazin'