Please visit the links and support my friends and supporters!!!

Please visit the links and support my friends and supporters!!!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Bulldogs "Rapid Fire" on SHAW, Angel, Scotiabank "Game Changers"

The first edition of "Rapid Fire" with the Bulldogs is now airing on Shaw TV Channel 4 in Port Alberni! Here's a note from the great folks at SHAW!

Just a heads up that Shaw TV is airing the first “Rapid Fire with the Alberni Valley Bulldogs” on Go! Island, channel 4. 

The featured player is Ryan Lough and he answers some ‘tough’ questions from our host Jose Araujo.

Our next featured player will be Turner Popoff, and his segment should be airing this Friday night, at 7pm although this is not 100% confirmed

Keep watching SHAW - this is a pretty neat segment where the guys get to have some fun. I will even be a guest at one point as I taped an edition with Jose a couple weeks back!

Pretty cool story here as the Bulldogs were returning from their appearance in the BCHL Showcase...once we boarded the Ferry we passed the time by having ameeting of the minds at a table near the food line - myself, Adam Hayduk, Kevin Willison, Jamie Amos, and Bulldog Bussy Will A.K.A Will "the thrill" from Tofino Bus.

Next thing you know, Angel walks up with her Mom with a smile literally a mile wide. She had just had the experience of a lifetime, going to a Lions game, flipping the coin on the field before the game and even getting into the TSN Broadcast booth and getting a chance to work the telestrator - which made me a little jealous!  AWESOME stuff all around - read below to get more insight into Angel's cool day and how you can help her be a "GAMECHANGER"

Hi Everyone! We would like to share Variety's blog post on Angel's Big Day with you.

Thank you so very much to those of you who have been voting daily for Angel in the Scotiabank Game Changers challenge. Angel's Big Day is a blog post about Angel's day at the BC Lions game on Sept 8th where Angel was recognized as a Scotiabank Regional Game Changer and was treated quite royally and celebrated well for the work she does for Variety the children's charity and other charities. 

Angel wants very much to win the Scotiabank National Game Changer title so that she can win the $100K for Variety's Kids.  Please keep voting daily for her by clicking this link 

If you in the media, have a webpage, blog, Facebook page or are on Twitter please share the link to Angel's Scotiabank Game Changer page and ask your friends/fans to Vote Angel once daily per email address.  Please use the hashtag #GoTeamAngel when sharing.

With thanks and love,
Cheryl, Arnie and Angel Magnussen

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