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Please visit the links and support my friends and supporters!!!

Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Bulldogs, Junior Golf, Fall Fair, Jamie Collins BOARD ON SALE

Drop the puck already!! It's a busy busy week as I work with the 93.3 The Peak FM Staff and our Island Radio Staff to get everything ship-shape for the start of the regular season Friday in Chilliwack.

It's an interesting schedule for the Dogs to open the season - an early-afternoon game on Friday, and a mid-morning game on Saturday. I found it pretty cool to learn that the Coaching Staff are gathering the team at the rink at 7am this week to prepare them for their early starts this weekend. Pretty smart move to do absolutely everything to put the players in the position to be able to perform at their best.

I got a little fired up watching the end of practice yesterday as the players were being put through the paces, getting re-introduced to all the lines on the ice. After two or three sets of skates I heard Coach Willison say "this is for the guys that didn't do their homework" Parents, fans, if you want an idea of how seriously the team takes OFF ICE, and EDUCATION - there's your answer.

I got even more fired up hearing "we want to be the hardest working team in the league. It starts here, it's hard now, so it's easier later"

If there is one thing that you just never "know" and can't measure, but could be the biggest difference between winning and losing, going far and bowing out too soon it has to be how good of shape your group is in. End of a game, end of a road trip, the last games of a playoff series...of course there are 1000 other factors that come into play when it comes to who wins and who loses, but the great equalizer is who is tired, and who has gas left in the tank.

The players will no doubt have a hate on for their coaches when they are skating lines, but here's hoping in the back of their head that they know it's for their own good, and the team that works harder and practices harder can PLAY HARDER.

Great work yesterday at the skate boys! Keep it up.I was winded just WATCHING!

DROP THE PUCK ALREADY cause I am fired up!

ROSTER - The Dogs have signed 20 year old Nick Kerr. 

This leaves one more open roster spot at the moment. Chances are that spot will be filled by Michael Sandor.

If you aren't already aware, Daniel Delbianco had off-season surgery and will be out until the New Year. Also out for 30 days is recruit Marc Eremenko, injured in the off-season.

Some news from the Alberni Golf Club - congrats to the kids, and thanks to Brian Rands for passing this along....

Hi Hammer. Here are the 2012 AGC junior Club Champs. Spencer Rhodes on the left won the low gross side of the tourney and Carson Rhodes won the Net side in a thrilling 3 person playoff.

The FALL FAIR set up is well underway on the grounds behind the Multiplex. Mr Griffin demanded a tour of the grounds when he saw all the rides yesterday..thankfully the fair opens Thursday so we can get their with Griff before I have to head on the road to the Showcase...


(Hammer note - OF COURSE I'm all over this one...I didn't know Jamie, but I have a bunch of friends that did and I have seen how hard this has hit really tug at my heartstrings when you choose to donate to anything in someone's memory that gives less fortunate kids an opportunity to get off the streets and out of trouble!)  

 Hey Evan, Dont know if this is allowed but if ya get a chance could you mention we have the Jamie Collins pro board in stock. It arrived last nite. They are 65 dollars and we are donating 25 dollars from every board to the Jamie Collins Legacy Fund. 

We only have 40 and already 20 are spoken for.

Let me know, 
Thanx Jim 

The Legacy fund is done by the Collins family and will help less fortunate kids to be able to participate in sports.

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