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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Camp continues, Audio, Bmac's a beauty, Alberni Wrestling Europe Wrap....

Training Camp continues's the schedule...

 9:00-10:30am     GAME 3, Teams 2 vs 3
10:45-12:15pm    GAME 4, Teams 1 vs 4
1:30-2:30pm        GOALIE SESSION: ALL GOALIES          
4:00-5:30pm        GAME 5, Teams 2 vs 4
5:45-7:15pm        GAME 6, Teams 1 vs 3

If you missed the interview with Kevin Willison and Adam Hayduk yesterday, give it a listen by clicking HERE.

As always all audio is courtesy and copyright 93.3 The Peak FM and the Jim Pattison Broadcast Group, LP.

For more media coverage, check out Scott McKenzie's piece on Training Camp from the Alberni Valley Times by clicking HERE


 Huge props to Alberni Golf Club Head Pro Bruce McDonald -also my cohort on Bulldogs broadcasts on 93.3 The Peak FM as Colour Commentator/Analyst - as he won the tournament's putting contest. It was quite the battle as it was a SIX-way tie!

Bruce talked on the mic Saturday about his win and couldn't have said it more poetically, ( I'm paraphrasing but I'm close)  
"as the head pro you lose if you win because you are the pro, and you lose if you don't win, because you are supposed to win because you are the pro". 

He showed how big of a beauty he was as he then in turn took the financial winnings and gave them right back to the team in the form of winning a silent auction item as he put 100% of the winnings on the sheet, beating the previous high bit by $150 or so!

He killed two birds with one stone as he won the "VIP Bulldog Game Experience" that he said he plans to use to get people to a Bulldog game that might not have the means to make it happen otherwise! Very cool!


Tom McEvay with Carol Huynh who won Bronze in London and Gold in Beijing!

Here is the final installment in our series of articles covering our Alberni Wrestling European Tour 2012.  It was an amazing 3 weeks that none of us will ever forget. For many of the youth on this trip I do not believe it is an understatement to say it was a life changing experience.

Thanks to everyone who supported this project and helped make it a reality.


Alberni Valley Wrestling Club European Tour 2012
The Alberni Wrestling contingent returned home Sunday evening from our European tour tired but full of amazing memories and positive emotions. This article traces the last portion of our trip from St. Moritz, to Vaduz and Paris and then the final stop in London. Thanks to tour member Tom Weegar for penning most of this article. 

Round three of the Alberni Valley Wrestling Club’s tour of Europe continued with travel from St. Moritz, Switzerland, to Vaduz, the capital of Leichtenstein.  To get there, the group’s tour bus had to navigate the 2,284 m. Julier Pass.

The Julier Pass was magnificent!  Starting with a number of steep switch-backs on the St. Moritz side, we ascended to a beautiful sub-alpine plateau area, surrounded on both sides by sentry-like granite peaks of the Alps, each lined with avalanche fences to keep the highway open in winter and Spring.  Once on the other side of the Julier Pass, we started a serpentine descent towards Lichtenstein.

Leichtenstein is a tiny mountain country located in the Alps right next to Switzerland. I say ting because the whole country is only about 25 kms in length. Vaduz is its capital city. It too is quite small but it is  a beautiful city and we had the opportunity to spend some free time exploring its many historic sites. 

After shopping and sight-seeing in Vaduz the AV Wrestling Club visited the village of Gamprin for the first ever international wrestling match in Leichtenstein.  The club wrestled in a beautiful outdoor, yet covered, wrestling stadium which was part of a larger recreational complex. That complex included a man-made lake and swimming area, an outdoor basketball court, an outdoor tennis court, and a terrific playground for children.

Despite being in their off season and comprising wrestlers of all levels of experience the Alberni wrestlers gave a strong and spirited showing in their individual wrestling matches as they did all trip. Their opponents were from various Swiss clubs in the surrounding area and were all very experienced and in excellent wrestling shape.  Alberni’s top performances were turned in by Michael Cappus, Riley Neville, Cullen Hines, Cody McEvay and Dusty Cadwallader. After wrestling our Swiss friends hosted us for a lovely dinner and social. It was an excellent event and the Alberni group made many friends.

The following morning the group were up at 4 am and travelled by bus from Leichtenstein to Zurich, Switzerland, to catch a train to Paris.  The train was a high-speed bullet train that reached speeds of up to 300 km/hr.  The entire trip took about five hours and was incredibly scenic although many in the group slept most of the way.

Arriving into Paris was very exciting!  After a bus tour on the day of our arrival the group had an opportunity to take the metro to the famous Notre Dame Cathedral and the exciting Latin District of Paris. The following day was full of sightseeing and some free time. The day included visits to the Louvre (the world’s largest museum!) and the Eiffel Tower.  Seeing the Eiffel Tower up close was very impressive – exploring the Tower and going to the top was even more impressive and an experience of a lifetime!

After a couple of days in Paris, we boarded the Eurostar train and travelled from Paris to London under the English Channel via the Chunnel. We arrived in London and had lunch and checked into the Clink 78 Hostel which would be our home base in Kings Cross for the next 5 nights. That afternoon we had a bus tour of London on a double decker bus. All of us crammed into the open air top floor of the bus and had a fabulous time seeing the sights.

London was of course the site of the 2012 Olympics. These Olympics were the third Olympics for London, the others occurred in 1908 and 1948.  In London, members of our group had the opportunity to see men’s and women’s wrestling, taekwondo, handball and track & field.  We had the opportunity to watch some of the best athletes in the world perform at their respective sport and it was a very fulfilling experience for all Alberni travelers.

No doubt one of the trip highlights was the first wrestling session in women’s freestyle at the Excel Centre where most of our 40 member group attended decked out in red and white, tattooed, chanting and flag waving. The spirit of the Olympics was very apparent in London and our group certainly added to that spirit. Being there that day to see former BC high school wrestler and SFU grad Carol Huynh capture a bronze medal was very special. 

During our stay in London members of the group took full advantage of free time to visit their incredible museums, the Tower Bridge, Big Ben, the Tower of London, shopping in Picadilly Square, Covent Garden, Oxford St and so much more. One day over half the group travelled to the famous Stonehenge and the ancient Roman city of Bath. The Irish Olympic House became a favourite stop for many of the adults in the group. 

While the European tour and the Olympics were thrilling for our group members from our youth to the adults, the trip was tiring and many of our members looked forward to coming home to the beautiful Alberni Valley and enjoying Sproat Lake in the heat of the summer.  All our group members, however, will have many, many amazing memories of Prague, Munich, Salzburg, Innsbruck, St. Moritz, Leichtenstein, Paris, and London as well as the villages where we wrestled.   Some are already contemplating the next international tour for the local club but as Dorothy said in the Wizard of Oz, “there’s no place like home.”

That's it for now!

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