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Please visit the links and support my friends and supporters!!!

Monday, May 28, 2012

Dogs sign Dylan Haugen for 2012-13

Huge news, as the Dogs will have a local player for 2012-2013.

Where he's from means nothing, how he plays is everything - but for those in the city that want to watch local talent you now have it in a great kid in Dylan!

Catch him on 93.3 The Peak FM tomorrow at approximately 8:10am!



Anonymous said...

We appreciate that Dylan will be a huge assist to the team,but,there are lots of local players that could be on the team, but for some reason are ignored!

Hammer said...

The irony of this is almost funny. On the day that the team signs their first local player in years, they aren't doing enough to identify local players?

I don't think anyone is ignored. Maybe they just plain aren't good enough?

I'm all for local players, I actually think it's imperative that the team has them on their roster. Saying that, it's paramount that they can PLAY.

The Bulldogs had several local players suit up with them last season, and they had even more come out to practice with them in the hopes of identifying players that can play, or players that have the potential to play given the correct coaching and development. This much is said in the Press Release. Everyone can have an opinion - mine is that the team has put a lot of effort into identifying local players, and giving them a chance to show their stuff. The result is the signing of Haugen. Here's hoping the team continues their efforts to find local players, even though it seems like a no-win proposition at times.