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Please visit the links and support my friends and supporters!!!

Friday, March 09, 2012

Caps 9 Dogs 4...

...However, the REAL SCORE is 1854 - as in a SELL OUT on Pack the Plex night at the Dog Pound.

While the Hollywood Script didn't play out on the scoreboard, with the incredible atmosphere and support from the crowd in the building it still feels like it's a happy ending, even though the "good guys" didn't win. No offense Caps, you are a great team and a fun one to watch, even if it involved at times going to the net at will and scoring at will on the Dogs.

The Dogs appeared tight from the get-go, somewhat expected with the biggest crowd in a long while, and the Caps appeared loose and ready to enjoy the experience as they raced out to an immediate 1-0 lead. The Dogs deserve a ton of credit for battling back over and over again, while the Caps deserve credit for fighting off the crowd and the Dogs momentum by repeatedly answering back in short order to stop any momentum and comeback before it really got going in a wild and crazy first period that saw eight, yes EIGHT combined goals with the Caps up 5-3 after one.

The second period was tighter and more controlled, with way less in the way of chances and both goalies coming up with several big saves to keep the score the same way into period three.

In the third the Caps got the crucial "next one" early in the third to open up a three-goal spread and the Dogs appeared to wilt while the Caps spelled blood as they walked to the net unchecked on several occasions to turn it into the rout. Click HERE to check the boxscore.

Despite the home team on the wrong end of a lopsided score the crowd kept cheering and the Dogs kept fighting, an incredible "only in the Alberni Valley" example as the crowd refused to fall quiet and continued chanting "Go Dogs Go" and even got up for a standing ovation to celebrate the efforts of the team and everyone who made "Pack the Plex" happen.

The "Green Men" were awesome, the "Noise making Committee" in their special referee suits were great, and it was awesome to have both drummers - BIG and LITTLE Dog firing up the crowd. Several Salmon made an appearance on the ice, the Multiplex staff had to fly to the beer store to replenish their stocks mid game - that's when you know it's a good night - and the place roared like it hasn't in quite some time. I was very very happy to get a mid-game email from Noreen Pelk informing me that said in the subject line "SOLD OUT TONIGHT!"

Here's hoping it's the beginning of a renaissance that will see the building like that night after night like it used to be. Just an awesome night to be a part of, and I can't thank all the people responsible enough for all their work into making it happen.

While the night is over it's legacy will live on as the evening was captured by several cameras filming the spectacle to make a recruiting video to show prospective future players how amazing the Alberni Valley is. What a perfect example it was tonight of how we can all come together to make something amazing happen!

Off to do my write up now, yikes 13 goals!


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