Please visit the links and support my friends and supporters!!!

Please visit the links and support my friends and supporters!!!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

How 'bout them Dogs, Van Isle Ford "Drive one for Minor Hockey" today only at Multiplex, Dziurzynski to suit up for Sens tonight

Couldn't help but open my eyes this morning and one second later think "wow, what a game last night"

The Dogs have shown us plenty in just four games, but what really stands out so far is their work ethic and their resiliency.

Five minutes left in the game last Friday, Cowichan scores on the 5 on 3 to tie it up. Before you knew what happened, Josh Mitchell scores shorthanded to put the Dogs ahead to stay.

Less than TWO minutes left last night, and the Chiefs score what you might have thought was the winner as they went up 3-2. An incredible 11 seconds later and its - guess who - yep, Josh Mitchell, catching a puck in mid air in tight and spinning and firing it under the bar to tie the game up again.

Not so fast people heading to their cars....

The Dogs have plenty of areas to work on, and no one wins Championships in September.

Having said that its still hard to not get excited about the Dogs prospects this season after seeing the last three games.

The vets have stepped up when needed, the rookies have shown promise, the D has held it together through injuries, and Frank Slubowski has been Frank Slubowski.

Throw in the fact that the Dogs have about 3 or 4 very good offensive players who haven't broken out yet, and this looks like a darn good team.

BUT one game or one weekend can change EVERYTHING so here's hoping the guys keep it going in the right direction. So far, so good.

Moving on....

Its a big day for Alberni Valley Minor Hockey as Van Isle Ford is here until 4pm trying to raise $6000.00 for the AVMHA with their "Drive one For Your Community" promotion.

*You will not be asked to buy a car

*They will not try to sell you a car

*They will not take your phone number

Quite simply, this is all about raising money for LOCAL Minor Hockey.

Its this simple - take a 3 minute test drive, and Ford will give Minor Hockey $20.00.

That's it, that's all.

I'm here at the Multiplex until 1pm so I hope to see you down here!

Last but not least....

David Dzuirzynski is expected to suit up tonight as the Sens host the Habs. Sadly, there will be no TV coverage...I was quite excited on a Saturday off to sit in front of the tube and watch the former Dog in the show. Good ole radio might be the only way to follow the game live.

Congrats to Dizzy, exciting stuff!

Now, on behalf of everyone that supports Minor Hockey, get your butt down to the rink and take a test drive! (Please and Thanks)


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