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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Dogs 3 Kings 1, Dogs host Clippers tomorrow, battle for "Rival Hammer"

Wasn't it nice to see Frank Riddle back last night? He will surely help the Dogs back end. Marley Keca also impressed me in his debut. I was very happy to see Sawyer Mick break through with his first goal as he was rewarded for his hard work. He could have 6 or 7 already with the chances he has had. Here's hoping that they go in with more regularity now for him. 

I also really liked the work ethic of Trent Murdoch last night. He had an extra jump in his step and an extra fight in his battles. Here's hoping he breaks out too as he had several great chances last night. 

 Just to add some fuel to the Dogs vs. Clippers rivalry, like it needed it - I just really want to see this Hammer!

Home Depot Introduces Battle of the Rival Hammer

September 30, 2010

The 2010-2011 BCHL Hockey Season is underway and Home Depot Nanaimo is proud to announce that we will be sponsoring the Nanaimo Clippers and the Alberni Valley Bulldogs. We have been sponsoring the BCHL hockey league since 2009, and Home Depot in Nanaimo has been serving Vancouver Island for over 13 years.

At Home Depot, we feel that there is no better way to celebrate our sponsorship of these two teams than by celebrating the intense rivalry that exists between the two teams and between the two cities. When the Bulldogs and Clippers play it quite simply means more than the two points that are up for grabs. It means bragging rights. For players, coaches, and fans it’s as much about the Bulldogs and Clippers, as it is about the Alberni Valley and Nanaimo. The games are bigger. The crowds are bigger. The hits are bigger and the goals are bigger. And last but not least, the rinks are louder. It’s what a great rivalry is all about – great hockey, great community involvement, and playing for the logo on the front of the jersey and the team and the city that it represents.

To make the battle between the Bulldogs and the Clippers (including the communities of Port Alberni and Nanaimo) about more than just bragging rights, Home Depot is proud to announce that they have increased the stakes, as the teams this season will battle for the “Rival Hammer”
Standing six feet and made out of wood, the Rival Hammer will have both the Bulldog and Clippers logos on it. For the time being, it will be on display at Home Depot in Nanaimo. Over the course of the season the Bulldogs and Clippers will meet 10 times, and the winner of the season series will win the coveted “Rival Hammer” for their team and for their city.

After Game One of the series back on September 17th in Port Alberni, a 4-3 Bulldog win in overtime, the Bulldogs have a 1-0 lead in the series. The next game of the series goes this Saturday night, also at the Dog Pound in Port Alberni.

Be sure to visit Home Depot in Nanaimo and see the “Rival Hammer” first hand. Home Depot is a proud sponsor of the Alberni Valley Bulldogs and the Nanaimo Clippers of the BCHL, serving Vancouver Island for 13 years.

Hammer (me, not the rival one) haha

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Anonymous said...

Great game tonight, Hammer. The new player #3 Keca played very well, being his first game with this team. Looking forward to the Clippers!

Deb said...

Good Job boys - great to see the Mitchell's heating up and I thought Keca looked darn good for his debut AVB game. Looking forward to Saturday's match up.

kaicee said...

It was nice to see Riddle back out there!

kaicee said...

do you think you can put the interview with frank on your blog?

doug said...

Yikes, looks like clips have 1/3 of there roster injured??

You said...

Dogs need to be ready Saturday night from the opening face off.

Coming off that great effort against Powell River, a letdown might be in store if the boys don't come out crashing. Physical play is huge!

Go Dogs Go

BEARCATT said...


Hammer said...

I will get the Frank Riddle interview on the blog today!

and YES, the Dogs need to be ready tonight! Never easy when these two teams meet!

Hammer said...

Here's the Frank Interview if you missed it on my Saturday morning post: