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Please visit the links and support my friends and supporters!!!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Christina Spence wins National Championship, Van Isle Ford "Drive One 4 UR Community, What a "late and blindside" hit gets you in the SJHL....

Very cool story here on local golfer Christina Proteau, as she has just won the Golftown National Amateur Series Women's Championship.
Read more from the Alberni Valley Times HERE

Huge congrats to Van Isle Ford, and to the community at large, for coming out to support their "Drive One 4 Minor Hockey" Saturday at the Multiplex. All told, over $3,000.00 was raised for Minor Hockey. That's over 150 test drives. Way to go Port Alberni!

AND a special "thanks" and  "way to go" to the Cowichan fans and parents that supported the event as well. I was told that a group of Cowichan parents took vehicles out for a quick drive as they had an hour or more until their kids games started once they arrived at the Multiplex Saturday from Duncan.

"I'm supporting Minor Hockey" was the phrase I heard all day long. Great stuff. You can bet that Minor Hockey can desperately use the $3,000

Because there is never enough of the Nanaimo-Port Alberni rivalry.....A blog reader sent this story in via email to me with the note "Way to go PA, you beat Nanaimo" 3,200 or so raised by Port Alberni, 20,000 or so people. 1,200 was raised by Nanaimo, 80,000 or so people. Read more here

From Gregg Drinnan's blog Taking Note regaring a recent suspension from the Saskatchewan Junior Hockey League:

"The SJHL has lowered the boom on F Justin Ducharme of the La Ronge Ice Wolves. He drew a 16-game suspension for a hit on Andrew Dommett, the captain of the Kindersley Klippers on Sept. 19. The league called it a “late and blind-side hit.” . . . According to the Regina Leader-Post, “Dommett suffered a broken jaw on both sides and also lost several teeth. The injuries could cause him to miss up to two months.” . . . Ducharme will be eligible to return on Nov. 19."

Sounds like the Frank Riddle hit to me, although Frank's injury was to his head, not his face. Nice to see the SJHL take such a hard stance and send such a message that hits like this aren't allowed. Too bad the BCHL saw fit to hand only a paltry two games to the Powell River Kings Scott Renner for the Riddle hit.

As I said when I first commented here on the incident, just my humble opinion. Feel free to regale me with your own. I don't intend to call the league disciplinarians out, but I don't think two games sends a message. I don't want to see that sort of incident again, and I don't want any kids going through what Frank Riddle has gone through. 

Read more from the Regina Leader Post

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