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Please visit the links and support my friends and supporters!!!

Thursday, May 06, 2010

Press Conference Audio, Paul Esdale on THE PEAK tomorrow morning

Click the below link to download a FULL COPY of today's announcement, with comments from Bulldogs President and Governor Andy Oakes, outgoing Coach Nolan Graham, and new Head Coach and GM Paul Esdale.

Also included, is the formal question and answer session.


Be patient, as it's a huge file.

New Bulldogs Head Coach and GM Paul Esdale will be my guest on my morning show tomorrow, just after 8:10am.

If you aren't in 93.3 The Peak FM listening range, get it all on our website at



kaicee said...

thanks for posting this Hammer! I am glad we have you to update the blog and keeping us update whats going on.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting the press conference Hammer. To all of Alberni Valley - thanks for all the support last season - you have a great year ahead - and I see many check marks in the W column ahead.

Anonymous said...

Well I sure hope so. Seems like we just got through a tough spot. The previous three years were brutal.
Now we start all over again. Losing 8 - 10 players and a good young coach. The best young player in BC, Richardson. Apparently doesn't want to play here now. Also their was a great young goalie coming because of Nolan. Is he coming now? How about the players who only were here for Nolan? The ramifications are all over the board. And many. Wait and see I guess.

Anonymous said...

With an attitude like the last poster, you're done before you begin. This is exaclty what junior hockey is about...development. Great for Nolan and great for Paul.
Players leaving is an opportunity for more players to shine.

Anonymous said...

"developement" is back in Atom div.
Bulldogs is a business with paid
professionals,contracts,profit and loss. Great for Nolan, Great
for Paul, Great for Fans ???
i believe the owners should have
committed to their fans.

Anonymous said...

not sure what you mean about owners committing to their fans??? The Alberni Valley Bulldogs have a great fan base, Paul will continue where he and Nolan left off last season, for a first year assistance coach I think he has gained a lot of experience and knowledge from working with Nolan and he will continue (I'm sure) to stay in touch- this league needs more young coaches who are using new coaching methods and are not afraid of talking to other coaches whether it be at the same level, or at a higher level. good luck to both Paul and Nolan in their new endeavours.