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Thursday, May 06, 2010

Bulldogs Announce Nolan Graham stepping down, Name Paul Esdale as new Head Coach and GM

A standing room only crowd (just like the games at the end of the season, awesome) was on hand today at the Multiplex for the Alberni Valley Bulldogs Major Announcement as they revealed that Nolan Graham is stepping down as Head Coach and GM of the organization.

Nolan thanked the organization and fans for the great opportunity they gave him, and for their role in furthering his career.

Best of luck to Nolan. You won't find a better guy, and a more passionate and hard working Coach.

At the same time the Bulldogs announced that they will be promoting from within, as they named Paul Esdale as their new Head Coach and GM effective immediately.

Huge congrats to Paul....what a crazy year, as he made a huge life changing decision when he and his new wife raced to Port Alberni last fall to be Nolan's Assistant Coach and GM after the sudden departure of Bryan Vines. Less than a year later, he is now the Head Coach and GM.

I couldn't be happier for Paul personally. From a hockey standpoint, I absolutely love this move. Paul was obviously a huge part of everything in what was the most successful season in franchise history. What better way to keep it going by trying to maintain some familiarity behind the bench? Great call, in my humble opinion.

More later, including audio from the press conference.

Bulldogs President Andy Oakes also stated that the team is currently searching for an Assistant Coach and Assistant GM to compliment Paul's Coaching Staff.


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Kari. said...

I just want to thank Nolan.
I thank him for being such an amazing coach, Alberni will never ever forget him. Good luck where you are going. :)

Anonymous said...

(wayne) Hey Hammer, has Lindores been traded??

Anonymous said...

(wayne) Hey Hammer, has Lindores been traded??

kaicee said...

I just wanna wish Nolan the best in everything he does! He was amazing in his first year and I believed in him. He's going to do great wherever he's going! Best of luck to you Nolan. This season is going to be great with Paul as head coach! He's going to do great.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Great news for Nolan and great news for Paul too! Just like the players, coaches should move on and up when they've earned the chance. Thanks to Nolan and his Dad, who I hope the Bulldogs will keep engaged with the team. Best wishes.

To Paul Esdale, glad to see the ownership made the logical decision. Congrats!