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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Nucks down 2-1 after 5-3 loss, NO GOAL?

Well, you aren't going to win a series (or a game for that matter) if you can't kill a penalty, and you can't get a save when you need it. It's that simple. And the Canucks got neither last night.

And they even got jobbed on a call.

Here's the response from the NHL, from the end of the broadcast last night.

Grab a shovel, Mr. Murphy. Incredible.

Luongo - Horrible. H-O-R-R-I-B-L-E. Don't blame the 4th goal on Welwood and Rome. Granted, they were handling the puck like it was a live hand grenade. Still, the puck is 4 feet from your net. Be READY, no?

I'm a perpetual goalie defender. The fact that I've been throwing Luongo under the bus for a while really shows me how bad it REALLY has become. The guy who always always ALWAYS sticks up for the keepers, is FED UP by this one!

I said a while back that he looks like a wet liccorice in there. No battle, so weak, always flopping...The third goal. How does that puck end up behind him, in the first place? It's a point shot that hits him in the hand.

Sorry Luongo lovers, but this guy is such a shadow of his former self., it is downright frightening! Every single shot at the net is an experience to say the least! Does anyone else almost EXPECT every single one to go in?

Remember in the day (not long ago) when you expected not a single one ALL GAME LONG to beat him?


Anonymous said...

People are making too big of a deal about the "goal" it was a close call didn't go the Canucks way. The Kings would have still led 4-3 and probably would have responded with some frustration like the Canucks did. People who are blaming officiating need to get over it. Too many men is too many men no matter how many excuses of why people think it wasn't it was. The reason the Canucks are down is solely due to special teams, nothing else. That's it.

kris said...

If that goal had counted which it should have the goal a few minutes later would have been the tying goal and the complexion of the game would have been different the canucks would have been playing less wide open game not needing to come from behind

In the course of a substitution either the player(s) entering the play or the player(s) retiring is struck by the puck accidentally, the play will not be stopped and no penalty will be called. But even with the goal being disallowed Luongo wasn't sharp and it cost the team.

Beiksa was struck by the puck and a penalty was called kings win on the power play goal game 2