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Thursday, April 08, 2010

Mark MacMillan, Nolan Graham, on the show today, Slovenian Champions beat up Coach, Tiger tees it up....

Don't forget Mark MacMillan and Nolan Graham on THE PEAK morning show today just after 8:10am P.S.T.

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This one is just plain nuts. I know, I know, "boys will be boys" and boys celebrating will get a little out of hand. Still, this is one of the more crazy ones I've heard in a while!

Slovenian ice hockey champion terminates contracts of 6 players who beat up their coach

JESENICE, Slovenia - A Slovenian ice hockey team says the six players who beat up their American coach after winning the league title have had their contracts terminated.

Mike Posma, a former AHL player who took over as coach last year, was beaten up his players last weekend following Acroni Jesenice's celebrations for winning the title. The 42-year-old New Jersey native was not seriously injured.

Slovenian media say the six players were drunk, but the reasons why they turned against Posma are not known.

In a statement posted Thursday on its website, the club condemned the incident. Acroni also says it suspended contract talks with Posma, but didn't elaborate.

Posma has reportedly left Slovenia.

      (The Associated Press) 
Tiger Woods after winning the '97 Masters...
Yup, it's Bulldogs off-season. Which means lots of GOLF TALK on the BLOG! Sorry if it's not your cup of tea. Don't read it if that's the case!
Should be interesting today as Tiger Woods returns to Golf at The Masters.
I know one thing, I will be firmly locked into my couch with my TV locked to TSN at 10:42AM Pacific today when Tiger hits the first tee. I LOVE the Masters, always have, always will. Blame my dad for sitting me on the couch to watch it with him when I was a young lad. 
What has the return of Tiger done to Augusta? 
Check out this story from - Madani at the Masters: Sorry, how much? 

Predictions? He'll either win it all, or miss the cut. For all he's been through, I hope he wins it all. What a story that would be. It's not just about golf though. As Augusta National Golf Club Chairman Billy Payne said yesterday: 
"certainly his future will never again be measured only by his performance against par, but measured by the sincerity of his efforts to change." 
Should be some great entertainment!

Oh yeah, the Canucks are also in San Jose tonight. Did you EVER, and I mean EVER think a time would come where you'd feel relieved, possibly even confident - that Andrew Raycroft would be in net? 
I certainly didn't, but that's where I'm at right now! 

And last but not least, the battle for the Fred Page Cup continues tonight in Vernon. It's a H U G E game, with the series tied up at 2-2. 

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