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Please visit the links and support my friends and supporters!!!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Bulldogs 5, Clippers 1, series tied 2-2. AROUND THE POUND 5:30pm on THE PEAK TOMORROW!

 The games first star, Matt Hatch, interviewed by our sister station 106.9 The Wolf following the game.

What an effort for the Dogs. 

What a game for Frank Slubowski. First star of the game in my opinion. No offense to Matt Hatch, we'll call him star 1b, because he was just that good too!

How about the Dog fans that came down for the game. Just plain incredible. I even found out after the game that our sister station did a live update from in the middle of the Bulldog fans. Cool job by our sister station, amazing job by the Bulldog fans.

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Lorna-Mae said...

way to go the commentary on the radio Hammer cause you do such a great job..wish we could get it live up here on the radio somewhere else than the computer...I think the guys were trying to keep up with the Canuck tonight..2 more to go and we are in the final...keep up the great work win win

Anonymous said...

All right that's better. Like I said do something different then the obvious cycle to the left of the goalie. As well as more shots. As I said they have kevins MONTH figured out. So what happened when he finally did shot? That's right a goal. And finally I mentioned A possible line-up change might be in order and it happened. And we win the game.
The clippers showed their typical class. When the game was out of reach they pull the same crap. Pounding on richardson. And when Trent and warren went out they didn't want anything to do with them at that point. Clippers have no class. The organization is brutal. So much they have the guests bench lowered so the coaches have a harder time seeing the play. I also think the clippers and the frank crane arena staff could take this time to fix an obvious faulty shot clock.

kaicee said...


Anonymous said...

HEY, HEY, HEY It is what it is: Matt Hatch; 1st star! There was no 1b