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Please visit the links and support my friends and supporters!!!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Reaction from last night....Fan bus tomorrow, Game 5 Tickets on sale today+tomorrow

From a "local paper" here's some recap on last night's game Click HERE to read it

From the Nanaimo Daily News by Michael Briones, here's one from the other side of the puck CLICK HERE

Not to take away from Bill Bestwick's comments....or to take away from the Bulldogs accomplishments this season.....but an honest question - has ANYONE all season long even once heard the Bulldogs referred to as the "best team in the league"

I personally haven't. At the most, it was "the best on the Coast" The "best in the league" tab has been Vernon's since May of last year, and they haven't relinquished it, although some people in Penticton might beg to differ.

I don't think anything further needs to be done to cement the underdog role, but maybe that's the basis for the comments/compliments

The Bulldogs have a fan bus heading to Nanaimo for Game 4 tomorrow, if you want to be on the bus, give the Dogs office a call ASAP at 250-723-4412 seats are filling up fast!

Tickets for Monday's Game 5 are on sale today from 10am to 6pm in the Dogs office. Season ticket holders - you have until 6pm tonight to get your tickets. After that, they are released to the general public for sales tomorrow from 10am to 4pm at the Bulldogs office!

How about the brave crowd of 50 or so that stood in the rain and snow at the top of the hump yesterday? Awesome. Thanks to 93.3 The Peak Operations Mangager David Wiwchar for the pics.


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