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Monday, March 08, 2010

The Night Before Playoffs

Loosely based on 'Twas the night before Christmas. Too much creative energy, when I should be sleeping. 5am is going to be a tough wakeup, ha!

'Twas the night before playoffs, and inside the pound, one couldn't have heard a single sound.

The Dogs haven't played since the reagular season's end, its felt like 100 days of practising - but its a chance for their bodies to mend.

A record regular season saw a first round bye - its been so long since they've seen hockey that the fans want to die.

The Bulldogs are no doubt chomping at the bit, the boys need to come out and hit hit HIT.

It will take shooting,skating and soaring. Even some warring. Maybe even some through-the-air to win it Bobby Orr'in!

Hard work and discipline Is the key, if you want the game to end in victory.

Don't do something to make the referee cross, or you might ride the pine if you anger the bench boss.

Its Nolan vs Bill, but that doesn't matter anymore, just like the fact that the Dogs won the last four

For this is the real season, where you need to really get UP, if you want to sip from the Fred Page Cup!

So wear RED and get on your feet, make some noise and pack the shack, for Bulldogs Playoff Hockey is BACK!

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LOVE it!