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Please visit the links and support my friends and supporters!!!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

More on last night, "Around the Pound" 5:30 tonight on 93.3 The Peak, followed by Canucks Hockey!

Here's a neat live hit from the Bulldog fanbase at the Frank Crane Arena last night on our sister station, 106.9 The Wolf in Nanaimo. Broadcasters are Dan Marshall, Ian Holmes and Dominic Abassi. Audio courtesy and copyright 106.9 The Wolf and the Jim Pattison Broadcast Group.

Click here to listen..

I went and watched the BCHL Pay Per View Archive to catch some of the moments from the game last night. How about the Mitch MacMillan one-timer goal? An absolute cannon. I said on the broadcast that it was like the Cody Bremner 3-1 goal from game 3 in velocity and placement. Ian Holmes doing colour on The Wolf said "not going to stop that ANYBODY"

The Bremner goal was on a perfect pass that stretched the ice by Teal Burns on a 2 on 1 rush. The Mitch goal was on the set up in the zone with Kevin Ross on a quick release one-timer after a couple short tap passes. Both players were lefthanded shots playing the right side, and both shots went right upstairs under the bar in the blink of an eye. Just good talented all around hockey plays, worth the price of admission.

"Around the Pound, the Bulldog Hockey Show" is TONIGHT on 93.3 The Peak FM from 5:30 to 6:30pm. We can't do the show tomorrow obviously because of Game 5, or on Tuesday because of game 6.

So, as Rod Stewart says, "Tonight's the Night"

Here's the guest list, in order of appearance.

(As always, line up is subject to change)

Bulldogs Head Coach and GM Nolan Graham

Bulldogs players Tyler Berkholtz and Mark MacMillan

Bulldogs President and Governor Andy Oakes

Quesnel Millionaires Play-by-Play Voice Al Manderson

As always, your questions are welcome for my guests or for me - send them in by email

As soon as the show is over, it's right into CANUCKS HOCKEY on The Peak, as the 'Nucks and Flames go at it in a great Divisional battle!


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I would bet that Evan Richardson will be out of the line-up for mondays game. Robert will be back in. I would prefer to see Pierce Eviston play. But again that's why I write comments and coaches coach.
Brody will stay in. But I question the sitting of Jeff Repucci. I would have thought Riddle would have the press box. Scary in his own end sometimes.
Roberts physical play was missed and we need more hitting from him.
Frank for a new level of confidence. And I am very happy he's playing tomorrow night again.
Glad to see Kevin Ross shooting from the point. It resulted in a goal. Another thing I'm thrilled with is the play of Ryan Renz, Physical and tough and makes good choices. Playing with Ross has helped him a lot. Now maybe Ryan can Put on a "one timer" clinic for the other D men. One timers are essential on the PP.
The boys will win here at home Monday. They all feel the pressure. But with the glory comes the pressure from the fans. Starting line-up will be Rogic,Hatch, and Lewis. With Ross and Renz or Cecere on the point. PP I would love to see Ross Renz on the point. With Rogic,Eviston and Mitch Up front. I would assume Pierce will be sitting again. If he was playing I'm sure he wouldn't be on the PP. Since he hasn't played in awhile. The dogs looked great last night. I tuned in to The Wolf on the way hom
e, They did say a lot of good things about Hatch etc. I have been hard on their broadcasts. But last nights was good. Hammer, If we could have gotten the Peak on the radio we would have tuned in to listen to you.
I for one don't feel you attack our comments. For me it comes down to this. I respect and enjoy your insight. I guess I was hoping for more than just they have to skate hard and play hard. We know that. Lol. Sorry I hope you take this within the spirit it was written.No offense. Can you ask Andy Oakes on your show tonight if we have Evan Richardson for next year. And is Ryan Renz coming back? Thank you.