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Please visit the links and support my friends and supporters!!!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Dogs host Kings in big Game 2 tonight

It's what the playoffs are all about. Up one night or down the next, and then you have to come out the next day the be ready to play again.

You know the Dogs have to be just downright angry with the opportunity they let pass last night, up 3-0 halfway through the third only to see the Kings score three straight to tie it up and then eventually win it in overtime. I'd hope they are also motivated to come out and play better and raise their level to what the Kings brought on the other side of the puck.

They were at Coastal Conference Finals level, while the Dogs were not, in my humble opinion.

You know the Kings have to be licking their chops with the prospects of going home up 2-0. They will be no doubt extremely motivated tonight to attain that goal, so it's my hope that the Dogs are ready for the Kings to raise it even another level.

Should be another fun one tonight at the Pound. We've got it all for you with Rick and myself with the pregame show at 6:45 and the puck drop and play-by-play following at 7:00.


Anonymous said...

I thought the best hockey they played all playoffs was the overtime period. So far I think the dogs have only played (barely) well enough to win.
I hope we see 3 periods of the fast, skilled and hard hitting hockey that we saw in the OT.
BTW - hows Dorias(?) or whoever got creamed on the winning goal.

Anonymous said...

Dorais, S. Mitchell, Berkholtz out of the line up tonight