Please visit the links and support my friends and supporters!!!

Please visit the links and support my friends and supporters!!!

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Canucks + working on final "Around the Pound" posting + make a donation!

Admittedly, I don't watch much Canucks Hockey during the Bulldogs season. Just no time. I did watch the game last night though, and I was pretty impressed. The sequence in the third period when the 'Yotes couldn't get out of their own zone for several minutes where the 'Nucks seemed to move the puck at will was an impressive sight to see.

Luongo still doesn't look right. I don't get how a goalie as BIG as he is, always looks so SMALL. Is that just me? He seems to fold up like an accordion the way he moves, getting smaller and smaller. Maybe just the way I see it, but it seems whenever the action gets closer he gets smaller. I know you need to shut those holes but you also don't want to open up the NET! Having said all that, he played great last night so I should zip my lip.

To those of you that haven't followed the blog when the 'Dogs are out and I start talking freely and openly about anything I please and anything I get passionate about.....well lets just say for some of the long-time readers, the fun is REALLY about to start, haha!

(Of course I'll still be talking Bulldogs, but they aren't the focus as much anymore as the news starts to slow down to a trickle pretty quickly)

At the request of many people - some via comments on the blog, some through emails; I have been working the last couple of days on getting a downloadable copy of the final edition of "Around the Pound, The Bulldog Hockey Show" from Monday night.

It's challenging, as the show was well over an hour long. I'm sure many of you have no clue what I'm really talking about when I get into the techie stuff....but it's easier said than done when it comes to finding a company to HOST a file of that size, that will also let the general public download that same gigantic file.

It's a work in progress, so be sure to check back later!

While you wait, why not MAKE A DONATION!!!!???? (Look for the DONATE button, upper right hand side under ("Like the Blog? Donations Appreciated")

Yes, I know.....what amazing timing to really "strike while the iron is hot" by me. Wait until the season is OVER, and THEN put up a "Donate" button. I guess I didn't want anyone to feel obligated, haha!

Honestly, I just simply didn't have time while the season was going on to do it, and I only noticed recently that other bloggers have a donate button so I thought I would follow suit.

And mostly, getting something BACK for what I do here is the last thing on my mind. I do everything I do on here for the fans, for the parents and siblings and grandparents and extended you can all feel closer to your boys when they are so far away.

Or so close, yet STILL so far away.

The best thing I can recieve is an email or a personal face to face "thank you" for my efforts. And I am lucky enough to have had plenty of both throughout the season!

Having said all that, if you have enjoyed the blog and wish to make a donation, I certainly won't say NO. I know full well that I will never get back from the blog what I put into it, but I'm fine with that. Like I said already, its more about what YOU all get out of the blog, not what I get.

If you wish to make a donation, click the donate button. It will require you to sign up for a PayPal Account. For some people, especially the "old school" readers out there, that's probably a scary thing.

Fear not, with over 200 MILLION accounts worldwide PayPal is the #1 most trusted, safe, and legitimate way on the web to make transactions. You connect your bank account or credit card with your account and voila.

I am NOT RESPONSIBLE if you start E-BAY'ing everything under the sun "oooh, a Bulldog puck from 2005-2006" and you get in trouble with the Missus or the Mister in the house!

Last but not least, don't worry, if I don't get a single red cent donated I won't stop doing what I do on the blog!!!!!


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