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Please visit the links and support my friends and supporters!!!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

1-1 series

The Bulldogs might think that they played better last night than they did tonight, yet tonight they come up with the win.

On the other side of that puck, the Nanaimo Clippers might think that they played better tonight than they did last night, yet tonight they lose.

Gotta love playoff hockey.

It's a 1-1 series heading to the Frank Crane Arena for Game 3 tomorrow night.

Morning show tomorrow, so I gotta hit the hay!


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Anonymous said...

what a game........way to go boys; gotta keep it up an keep the goals outta of our net......I believe!!!!!! Tomorrow an Saturday are going to be pretty intense............

Anonymous said...

Great game guys. Hard work pays off. A hot goalie is hard to come up against. The guy is beatable though. The same play time and time again on the PP has ben figured out by bestwick and the gang. Nice to cycle the puck to the right side and then rotate into the front of the net. The only thing is bestwick and the clippers have a handle on it. Good luck tomorrow night. More traffic and more rubber.

Kaicee/Kari said...

Congrats Dogs, I'll be listening, Go dogs go!

Hammer said...

Food for thought, the series is tied 1-1 because they went to the right side of the net play in OT.

I do think the Dogs are trying to mix it up as well to not be predictable. At the same time, I think that you also sometimes just do what you do very well, predictable or not, and dare the other guys to being their best to try and stop ya.

Thanks for the comments all.