Please visit the links and support my friends and supporters!!!

Please visit the links and support my friends and supporters!!!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Incredible weather, Dave Koszegi Re/Max Sponsors Saturday, BUSY weekend for Dogs

A look at Mt. Arrowsmith from Hole 13 on the Alberni Golf Club

Just incredible weather here the last couple of days as it feels like Springtime during Winter. Yes, we get some rain through the winter months. It doesn't bother me much, I say "you don't have to shovel it" but it certainly gets to some people. All it does for me is make me appreciate days like yesterday MORE when they come around.

I used the day well by getting some yard work done, and then getting out and playing a round at the Alberni Golf Club.

You may think "Hammer, you're nuts"

You may be right, but I wasn't alone, there were about 100 other crazies out there yesterday besides me!

About 4 or 5 other people had pictures of Mount Arrowsmith on their facebook pages was just that gorgeous out!


Add MORE STUFF to the schedule this weekend...

Dave Koszegi.......Living, Working, Selling the Alberni Valley (who is also a strong friend and supporter of the blog) will be the "Game Night Sponsor" Saturday night as the Dogs wrap up their regular season on home ice.

With the Dogs being off for TWO WEEKS after Saturday night, it's not like you needed any more reasons to get to the rink....but now you have some anyway!

Here's the plan that Dave and his team have cooked up for Saturday....sounds fun!

Along with the tent and balloon outside the rink, and tattoos and balloons for the kids - are some pretty sweet prizes with the Airplane Toss!

1) Slash 2WD Short Course Trucks – Undeniably the most popular remote control truck in both rc racing or just having some backyard fun. This package comes complete with a digital controller that gives you peace of mind of never encountering any interference from another remote control truck. Perfect for our ‘wet coast’ weather as the truck comes waterproof out of the box. Rain or shine enjoyment for all ages.

2) Raminator 1/18 scale Monster Truck - Remote control fun in a small package. 2WD monster truck with a Dodge Ram monster truck body, measures 10-1/2 x 8 inches, has 4 wheel independent suspension and comes complete with a battery, controller and charger.

3) Vapor remote control flyer - Ever flown before? The ‘Vapor’ ultra micro 3 channel remote control flyer will get any non flyer, flying in minutes. Small enough and slow enough to be flown in a basement, garage, living room or other indoor spaces. Comes complete with everything you need to get up in the air. Fun and excitement for all ages.

Along with giveaways and prizes, is a very very worthwhile cause....

The Alberni Valley Bulldogs, The Dave Koszegi Team, and Angel Magnussen ask you to bring your spare change to Saturday night’s home game to donate to the family of Amber Humphries-Jones. Amber is a 9 year old Alberni Valley girl who is currently at BC Children’s Hospital. Amber suddenly developed a rare neurological disorder in late January and will likely remain in the hospital for many months.

Before you come to cheer on the team this Saturday night please fill your pockets with spare change and bring it to donate to one of the Bulldog’s biggest fans, little Amber Humphries–Jones.

The Alberni Valley has well earned the title “Community With A Heart.” Please help us show Amber and her family that we care deeply and are holding each of them in our hearts.

More stuff....

The Bulldogs will be at Boston Pizza following the game Saturday night...Here's the details

Press Release
February 17 2010

The Alberni Valley Bulldogs and Boston Pizza will be holding an Open Mic.

Following the final regular season game on February 20 all fans are invited to
Boston Pizza for a question and answer session with the 2009-2010 Alberni
Valley Bulldogs players and staff.

The Post Game at Boston Pizza will give the fans a
chance to meet their favorite Bulldogs and ask questions
to any of the players or coaches. Players will also be
available for autographs.

Prizes will also be awarded that night.

Come join the Alberni Valley Bulldogs and learn more about your favorite players
as they prepare for the upcoming playoffs.

And of course don't forget the 2010 Awards Banquet Sunday afternoon. Contact the office for more details!



Anonymous said...

Dave needs to lose the beard. Too devilish or too gay. Take your pick.

Hammer said...

I'm sure he will appreciate your input. To each their own I guess.

I suggest you put your picture up and we'll tell you what needs to go and what needs to stay ;)