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Please visit the links and support my friends and supporters!!!

Friday, February 05, 2010

Dogs tie league record...

17th straight road win for the Dogs ties the league record.

Kevin Ross breaks the team record for points in a season by a Bulldog defenceman.

Mitch MacMillan picks up the hat trick for 59 goals on the season, and Frank Riddle scores the winner on a beauty.

Again a full 4 line effort. Muir Mitchell Dorais were their usual selves, great in their own end and absolute pests in the attacking zone. Eviston, Mitchell and Bailey were also great in a four line role in both ends of the ice.

And what a game by Frank Slubowski, especially late and in OT.

The Warriors are a heck of a team, and its a great pleasure to come into this rink and see all their fans and staff. I wish we were here more often!

A long bus ride to Trail now, but a happy one!

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Anonymous said...

(wayne) Great game tonight, I watched it on BCHL. video, It looked to me like the reffing was a bit one sided and contributed to the Bulldogs win??

And it looked to me like the 4th line contributed by being on the ice for at least 2 goals against, maybe 3.

I really enjoyed the commentary by the Westside play by play guy's on the video broadcast, very even and not biased toward either team.

fresh prince from sproat lake said...

Amazing season! I wonder how many hat tricks Mitch has now?

Good job Bulldogs TEAM. LOVIN' IT!

Hammer said...

RE: One sided reffing.

How was the reffing one sided? The Bulldogs didn't get enough penalties? The Warriors were given too many? The power plays weren't perfectly even as the unwritten rule may say, so it's one-sided?

What particular penalties were of concern to you?

Penalties contributed to the Dogs win because they scored on their power plays. Penalties continued to the Warriors loss because they didn't capitalize.

I'm dammed if I do, and I'm dammed if I don't on this blog.

On one hand, someone complains that certain people get too much credit and attention. Conscious of that, a big "team" win I try to cover almost everyone with their contributions to said win.

You in turn respond by contradicting me and throwing the 4th line under the bus.

They were on for two against.

1st goal - end of a power play, rebound, not their fault.

Second goal against, a defenceman with a poor turn over at centre, AND as the Warriors broadcast mentioned, no one gave Bailey a stick from the Bench leaving Ellis wide open. Blaming a last-man-back defenceman turnover goal on the forwards is reaching at best.

But everyone has an agenda as we established several months ago with your comments on here.

So - you are the coach. Who do you take out of the line up on the fourth line, and why? And who do you put in, and why?

Hammer said...

P.S. thanks for giving me something to think about as we overnighted it to Castlegar.

Anonymous said...

Hammer, loved the game, what excitement! And I am so happy for the guys. We watched the game on PPV and listened to your call on a second computer which put the delay time at only about 3 seconds-much better than the 40 second delay on radio. We'll be listening tonight and wishing the team well. (Your commentary makes the game a "ten" for me every time)Linda T

Anonymous said...

(wayne) Hammer, I am going to answer you in a couple of posts. Give you something to think about on the bus ride home.

Correct me if I'm wrong on any of this, just going by memory.

#1 Berkholtz (out of the lineup since Jan. 8 ) last 2 games he played he had 1 goal 1 assist and for the "team" he went back and played defence because they were short defencemen, I believe he got injured playing defence. He has been ready to come back for 2 weeks.

#2 Lindors The last 3 games he played very well, he was unsung player of the game or got honourable mention in 2 of his last 3 games. His last game was Jan.23 and has been a healthy scratch since.

#3 Lynott (Last game Jan 23) had a rough game his last time out, but played well before that.

I enjoy wathcing all these guys play and in my opinion they should be playing, I believe they would be equal to, or an upgrade to a couple of the players playing now.

Now when these guys come back to the lineup they are expected to preform the same as the guy's that are playing every game, if they dont their benched again. I dont believe any player should sit for 2 or 3 weeks without playing a game, going into the playoffs all the players should be in game shape, unless you believe no one is going to get injured or suspended.

Anyway thats my opinion on that.

Hammer said...

Berkholtz isn't 100% or I believe he'd be playing.

I agree with you that no one should sit for that length.

Having said that, I'm not the coach and I don't have any insight into why or how he makes his lineups.

I do know one thing - I wouldn't want the job for that exact reason. Nolan is on the record in saying just as much - "it's the worst part of a job, telling a kid he's not going to play"

He's got a 42-11-1 and 2 hockey team. I think he knows that he's doing, and I'm not going to argue with him.

Before you raised the issue that he doled out his icetime incorrectly. What has the team done since you raised that topic besides going about 30 and 1 or 2?

My point - I don't agree all the time, but I also don't know what the thought process is either, and I'm not about to question it. Why? Because I have complete faith everything is done for the sake of the greater good of the team.

So far, so good.

I don't think I'll be thinking about hockey after tonight on the ride home, sorry.

Thanks for the comments.

Hammer said...

Thanks for the nice comments Linda T!