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Please visit the links and support my friends and supporters!!!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Larry Brooks vs John Tortorella II, Bulldog TV features, Canuck highlights, BCHL Magazine, Kremyr interview

Whats the level of interest on the blog for videos?

These guys first went at it a couple years ago. Here's another episode. I did some research, Brooks called Redden "Golden Gloves" in his column....

Here's the Mitch MacMillan feature from CHEK NEWS. Odd there's been talk about these parts lately that MItch gets too much attention yet in the piece here they say he may be "the best player you've never heard of"

And the MacMillan brothers on SPORTSNET CONNECTED

Nucks vs. Stars highlights. Anyone want these on the blog? Alex Auld has been watching too much Marty Turco.

The BCHL Magazine "Smart Hockey"is very well put together, and is a must read for BCHL fans. The most recent issue is a must read for Bulldog fans as well as the team gets lots of love. Former Bulldog Tyler Ruel is featured in the magazine, as is current Bulldog Mark MacMillan. The cherry on top? Former Dog Daniel Moriarty is on THE COVER!

And finally, by request - here's a link to the Jordan Kremyr interview. Just for you Maggie :)


Have a great Friday and we'll talk to you all tomorrow!!



kaicee said...

If you closely watch the video of Mitch on the Check channel one. You will see clips of you tube videos. They are mine! I find that so cool how the used them !

kris said...

Larry brooks not herb