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Please visit the links and support my friends and supporters!!!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Dogs vs Vipers, BRING BACK THE STANDING O, tickets selling fast, Adam Hout on The Peak Morning Show today...

Man, do I ever wish it was 7pm already.

This is a BIG one.

B - I - G.

Ah, so that's what Rick looks like! It's been a long time since we did a game together. Rick of course was gone to Timmins, Ontario as part of the staff for Team Pacific at the 2009 World U17 Challenge. Then as he returned, the Dogs played six in a row on the ROAD. So it will be great to be back at home on the air with Rick tonight.

Of course our pregame takes to the air just around 6:45 with the puck dropping at 7:00. If you can't pick up THE PEAK on your radio, listen live through our website at

So why is tonight BIG?


The home side is on a 14 game win streak. And the home fans are RABID to say the least.

The Bulldogs haven't played at home since January 3rd. Since that game, they have went on back to back three game in three day road trips. And they won all six games.

As I predicted, ticket sales yesterday were brisk.

Everyone loves a winner, and a bandwagon.

My question - I wonder how good must this feel and how much fun must this be for all the fans and supporters and sponsors that have never been off the wagon, the ones that have been there through thick and thin over the last 3 or 4 years. THIS is why you are a fan, and why you are a sponsor isn't it? Just plain awesome. I know how it feels from a broadcaster standpoint as I'm someone who's been through the thick and the thin, but unlike you all I was doing a job not spending my hard earned money and advertising dollars.

NOTHING has been accomplished yet. At the same time, there are peaks and valleys and this is a big time PEAK and its fun when you are in the middle of that instead of a valley.

As Kevin Ross said yesterday on "Around the Pound" about the 14 game winning streak:

"Well, at one time last year we were on a 13 game losing streak. This is a lot more fun"

Well said Rossie.

A quote from the 'Dogs office yesterday "LOTS" of tickets were selling. It's still a ways away from a sellout, but at the pace it was going yesterday it just might get there. How incredible would that be?

SO - get to the office asap at 10am today if you want tickets, and spread the word for those that don't read the blog or listen to The Peak that the Dogs are red hot, they have the National Champs paying them a visit tonight, and we need to PACK THE SHACK.

Those that attend the game tonight that read the blog and/or listen to THE PEAK where I've mentioned it several times - BRING BACK THE STANDING OVATION. For the die hard fans, it's never really totally disappeared. Its just that with the last couple of years and where the team has been at, there hasn't been a HUGE game like this one. It's one of the coolest "unique to Port Alberni" traditions that has come out of the Bulldog fan base.

Here's the jist of it from Bulldog Billet Mom Nancy Smeltzer, second mom to Frank Slubowski and David Dziurzynski:

In past years we have had a standing ovation at the first puck drop of every period, where everyone in the arena stood proud and made lots of noise, and the Bulldog players have loved it. It showcases what amazing fans we have and the support they show for their team. In the past couple of years the ovations have faded away except for the few dedicated fans who continue to stand. On Tuesday night when the Vernon Vipers are here, we need to bring back the 'O' in a big way. Show our Bulldogs that we know how hard they have worked to make us a first place team in our division and ranked 11th in Canada, and that we are proud of them and will continue to support them through the rest of the season and into the playoffs. So, on Tuesday night, when Charles gives us the cue, stand on your feet, make lots of noise, and show our Bulldogs how wonderful we know they are, and thank them for the great entertainment they provide for us game in and game out. Go Dogs Go! Who let those Dogs out anyway!

And here's an interesting email from another Billet Parent, from a PLAYERS perspective regarding another legendary manufactured in Alberni tradition from years gone by: THE COUNT. I'm too superstitious to put the cart before the horse regarding the count...but how amazing it would be to be able to see it again.....

Hey Hammer,

The guys and I were talking tonight and they are so pumped about the game tomorrow. They were wondering when they won the game tomorrow would the crowd start counting like they have heard happened during the 20 game winning streak. They said that would be awesome!!! If there is anyway you can get that out there to the fans that would be great, I think they would love it.

Thanks Hammer,

I'm somewhat concerned about the players feeling the pressure tonight. Biggest crowd in a LONG time. Maybe the biggest that any of these guys have played in front of.

What the players need to know - these fans are here for you. They have ONE expectation.

And it's not A WIN.

It's what you've done all season, and that is- that you work your tails off, and you try your best. In the end, if you don't get the win but you gave it your best effort, they'll be happy.

Of course everyone loves a win and it's more fun than a loss. But these fans are smart ones. They know you can't win them all.

I think back to the Penticton game when the Dogs mounted a furious comeback that came up short at the buzzer and they lost.

What did the fans do? They stood up as one and cheered and gave the guys a standing ovation. Why? Because the effort was all they could have asked for.

Having said that, they still probably want to show off their counting skills tonight ;)

It's the "Heart of an Angel" campaign at the Multiplex this month, and today is an even bigger day with the official launch of Angel's Cookbook that you've no doubt heard about over the last year. Below is the release going out to the media on the official release of the book tonight.

Angel along with her mom and Bulldog D Man Adam Hout will all be on the morning show just after 8am this morning to talk about the book so don't miss it.

Angel Magnussen, Port Alberni's Variety girl, is ready to take her newly-released cookbook from the press to the streets to raise money for her favourite charities.

The "Celebrity Charity Cookbook" features a variety of people including celebrities, politicians and local community heros. Each were asked to submit a recipe and include a personal biography and story behind the recipe. It quickly grew from a simple cookbook to a coffee-table book and special keepsake.

Included are stories from people who make a difference in our community, children who have overcome challenges and tributes to loved ones who have passed on.

The first official launch will take place Tuesday night at the Alberni Valley Bulldogs game, where Angel will have her Variety table set up.

As a hobby, Angel loves to bake and the idea came about while she was in the kitchen with her caregiver about a year ago.

"Angel decided then that she wanted to make a cookbook," said her mother, Cheryl Magnussen. "The two of them talked about it and by the time I got home, they had it all hatched out."

Born with a number of medical conditions, Angel has never let her challenges get in her way. She loves doing things for others and cooking gives her great satisfaction. Feeding others is a way she can give of herself. She often volunteers at Echo Village where she conducts "Baking with Angel" sessions.

Recipes cover everything from salads to desserts and include such items as Buffalo Wings, Smoked Salmon Spinach Salad, Chocolate "Muff" Cakes, as well as a full Mexican fiesta. The result is an interesting and unique cookbook with a difference.

The aim is to raise funds to contribute to Variety, The Children's Charity, as well as stock pediatric wards of three Vancouver Island hospital pediatric wards with toys and games.

Magnussen feels such distraction items are necessary to help families cope with the emotional roller coaster of a child experiencing hospital visits.

"The hospitals have no money for these kinds of things," said Magnussen. There are no child life specialists locally or anyone to help distract a child who is going through scary tests, admissions or an emergency."

She hopes that by equipping pediatric wards with toys and games it will help families going through a crisis in a small way.

"It is hard enough in that kind of situation for a parent to hear and understand what the doctors are saying, so this will help the families cope and better support their children," said Magnussen.

Following Tuesday night's Bulldogs game, the Magnussen's will be hosting book signings at Home Hardware on Saturday, January 23 from 11:00 am to 2:00 pm and at Quality Foods on Saturday, January 30 from noon until 3:00 pm. Both stores will then stock the book for sales.


Mutt said...

I have been a season ticket holder since Day One. This means I have been along on the ride through the peaks and valleys, shared the anguish of losing and the joy of winning. I have seen the best and worst of Junior A hockey but through it all, kept buying tickets and kept supporting the team because I love hockey and I love to see young players developing and showing their potential as athletes and people.

To say the past 2 seasons have been trying is an understatement, so how wonderful is it that the Bulldogs have turned it around in such a major way this season? It’s AWESOME!

I remember well those heady days in 2005/06, when we were going crazy at virtually every home game, barking, screaming, whistling and high-fiving the fans next to us. I also remember doing “the count” and what a rush that was! As for the start-of-period standing ovation, that became as much a part of each home game as the goals that went in.

There were nights when we walked out of the dogpound and wondered if we should pinch ourselves, we were so fortunate to bear witness to the great efforts of that exciting, hard working team.

Fast forward to now: We are watching what I believe to be – without question – the hardest-working, most talented Bulldogs roster ever. Yes, even better than the 05/06 team. The 2009/10 Alberni Valley Bulldogs have brought back life and excitement to the rink in Alberni Valley and they are so much fun to watch, it again feels like a winning season and a winning program.

These young players deserve all the recognition and accolades they are receiving. If you haven’t seen them play, you had better start. Otherwise, you are missing something special folks.

Tonight’s game is the biggest measuring stick the Bulldogs have faced so far this season and win or lose, they will undoubtedly give the Vipers all they can handle. Yes, AVB is the underdog in this one so we need to give the boys the wild card: home ice advantage. And THAT comes from the fans! Stand up each period, cheer on the efforts in between goals (like power plays and penalty kills, great saves, etc) and don’t be shy about it. The Bulldogs come home for the first time in 2 weeks and we have a chance to show how much we enjoy and appreciate their style of hockey.

I don’t know who will win this game but AVB will have the edge IF the dogpound is rocking, Do your part to make it happen.

Go Bulldogs Go!

Oh, and PS - Thanks for everything Nolan Graham and Paul Esdale. Excellent job!!!

Linda T said...

Couldn't have said it any better. Mutt and Hammer, you both wrapped up this moment in Bulldog history very well. What a ride the dogs have taken us on this year. Very proud of them!!! I'll be standing - win or lose. Go dogs go!

Anonymous said...

Hammer you are not only a great broadcaster but an amazing fan... I love what you said about what is expected of the boys tonight!! VERY WELL SAID!!!!