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Please visit the links and support my friends and supporters!!!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Dogs @ Kings

The Dogs and Kings meet again tonight in Powell River, a rematch a week after a 4-1 Dogs win at the Rec Complex last Friday.

The Dogs look for their 12th straight win and to widen their lead on the Kings and the rest of the Coast while the Kings look for their third win in a row and to close the gap on the Dogs.

This is the final regular season meeting between these teams. The Kings have won three games, the Dogs have won two. I don't think either team is looking to the playoffs just yet, but there may be some thoughts in the back of some minds about sending messages or gaining confidence in the head to head match up should these teams meet again.

Catch the pregame show on 93.3 The Peak FM at 7:15 with the play-by-play at 7:30.

If there's room for two people on my camera stand (which doubles as a makeshift broadcast booth tonight) I'll be joined by Bruce MacDonald on the broadcast as he'll provide colour and analysis.

The Kings are having a big tailgate party pre game tonight that will see a Buddy Holly tribute band performing. The band will come inside and they'll play during intermissions in the rink - on the spot I usually broadcast from - so that's why I'm going to the camera stand hanging from the rafters instead. I'm just not sure if there's room for two adults up there.

Bring safety gear Bruce :)

I've had numerous emails asking me my thoughts on the All Star Game.

Simple answer really - with my work obligations at the game I quite simply didn't get to see enough of the game to make a valid opinion on it.

I can say that from a working perspective, I very much enjoyed my Elliotte Friedman/Scott Oake-esque role of being the roving reporter.

As the play-by-play guy, I'm usually quite ensconced in the booth well before game time and I'm there running the broadcast from that end for the duration so I have no interaction with players or coaches as the game goes on.

That's a far cry from doing interviews in the tunnel right before game time, talking to players on the bench during the game, getting time with coaches on the bench right at a periods end, etc.

It was a role I have never really had the pleasure of being given before and I very much enjoyed the experience. What I didn't anticipate was how much of the game you actually miss. Running around the rink and underneath in the bowels of the building and standing in the mass of humanity down between the benches is not the best place to see the action unfold on the ice.

Give me the gondola or broadcast booth up top any day!

It was however very cool to be able to get some interview time with some BCHL'ers that I don't usually talk to face to face - Mike Collins, Kevin Krauss, Mat Bodie, Dylan Herold, Kellen Jones, Denver Manderson, Mark Zengerle, etc.

I for one was not surprised the champs beat the stars.

More later from the road.


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