Please visit the links and support my friends and supporters!!!

Please visit the links and support my friends and supporters!!!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Bulldogs getting recognition + THE TALK SHOW RETURNS!

The results of having a highly ranked team sometimes, is that you get some nice exposure.

Look for Mitch MacMillan on "Inside the BCHL" with Bernie Pascall coming up soon on the league website.

Of course the league All-Star game goes tomorrow and the Bulldogs will be represented by a league high three players (tied with the Vees who also have 3) after Kevin Ross was a late game add yesterday.

I know I know I know - There's only one team for the rest of the league to be on...but Ross should have made the cut the first time. I know that's easier said than done though because every team has to be represented.

Ross joins Mitch MacMillan and Frank Slubowski - and of course Dogs boss Nolan Graham on team Coastal Conference.

Of course the Ross announcement came later in the day after the new CJHL rankings came out, with the Dogs rising to 11th in Canada.

A good news day yesterday for the club!

Well here's some more good news!

The talk show is COMING BACK, better than ever!

Debuting Monday night at 6pm on 93.3 The Peak FM is "Around the Pound, the Bulldog Hockey Show"

The show will be 1 hour in length, where the first half hour will be all Bulldogs. On the ice. Off the ice. In the community. On the road. We'll cover it all. I'll be joined by members of the Dogs Coaching staff, and Bulldog players and Alumni players.

The second half we'll go outside Port Alberni, to see what's happening around the league. More often than not we'll try to maintain a Bulldog connection to keep the listeners connected.

And yes - I welcome your interaction - send your questions in, your feedback, your guest request and show ideas to:


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Anonymous said...

Way to be Rossy - congratulations! Best player on our team, good luck tomorrow.

kaicee said...

Good luck Mitch, Kevin and Frank !

Anonymous said...

very glad to hear that the talk show is coming back. I'll be sure to be listening. Congrats Hammer. Linda