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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Audio - Kevin Ross Penalty Shot Winner....

....Working on getting the video up, once I have access to it.

What a goal by "Rossie" for his second career double OT penalty shot winner.

And what a roar at the Dog Pound. Been a while since I heard the rafters rattle like that. A well played game by both clubs that had playoff intensity.

The penalty call that awarded the penalty shot is obviously one that's under the microscope. You'll hear me say on the play-by-play "he just didn't get the puck, is what the penalty call is"

At first glance when the play happened in real time, I thought he missed the puck. At second glance on the video replay after the game it looked like he DID get puck. THEN, after watching it in slow-motion it is just way to close to call if it's Ross first or puck first.

Put it this way - just my humble opinion - but I don't think it's worth debating something this hard that you can't even tell definitively either way if it was the right call or the wrong call once you watch it in super-slo motion several times. Especially when the official has one chance to make the call in one split second at full speed. It's a tough call, it's tough if it's a no call. I can see how the Grizzlies were upset about it. I could also see the Grizzlies just as upset if that's a 1 on 1 the other way, their player is taken down, and theres NO CALL.

What made it extra sweet, was that I picked Rossie to score the winner. Although I totally forgot until Rick and Dan reminded me!




Anonymous said...

Awesome goal. Kevin deserves this one. He is such a consistant force on the point. For him to get the taste of this was very good for use as fans, an excellent finish for his team. more importantly amazing for him. couldnt take that smile off his face.

Anonymous said...

Hammer, Has Luke been playing in vancouver? Is he hurt or?
I see on the giants website he has played 11 games. Any update?

Hammer said...

I'm not sure the status of Luke.

Last I heard he had a wrist injury, but that was a couple of weeks back.

It could be he's hurt, or it's a numbers game.

kaicee said...

Way to go Kevin! He is doing so well this year !