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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Upon further review - multiple fights are reviewed

A futher update on the multiple fight situations last night - and in the BCHL in general.

Some passionate Bulldog fans have contacted the league office showing their displeasure with the game last night, even forwarding my post from earlier this morning to the league office.

I have subsequently heard back from the league - and I have an apology to make - as the league changed their protocol on multiple fight situations this season and I wasn't aware of it.

There is NO automatic suspension for the second fight in the same stoppage.

All multiple fight situations are reviewed by the league office and disciplinarian Dave Sales.

Good to know, and my apologies for not being aware of the rule change.

Some justification as to why I thought the rules were the way I interpreted them -

I said in my earlier post that the Dogs "have been burned by this already this season"

That was a reference to the Alberni vs. Nanaimo game on October 3rd when David Dziurzynski was suspended for being the second fight in the same stoppage - when there was an instigator penalty against Nanaimo on the play.

Dziurzynski in that fight if you remember took several punches before finally having enough and dropping his gloves to defend himself.

Yet he was still suspended.

I inquired with a league official after the fact if the suspensions were still automatic and I was told they indeed were. Which made sense with "Dizzy" (sorry getting tired of typing Dziurzynski) still getting a one game vacation. It seems that was incorrect though.

Quite simply - the league might have just seen that one differently than I did. Which is quite understandable with my connection to the Bulldogs and their point of neutrality.

It will be interesting to see what sort of discipline comes or doesn't come down as a result of last night.

As it stands now - the Dogs stand to lose Warren Muir and Tyler Berkholtz unless the league sees otherwise.

I won't throw any further judgment into the stuff last night than I already have.

It is great to know that there isn't a "defend yourself or get suspended" choice for the BCHL's players as I earlier stated. And please accept my apologies for believing that was the case.

As I said in my earlier post today - I'm a fan of the leagues attempts to curb multiple fights. As much as I like to watch a gong show like the rest of some fans - I am from Flin Flon after all - but it's not what the scouts want, it's not what the parents of young players who are choosing what league to play in want.


Anonymous said...

Why should you be apologizing? Shouldn't the league advise everyone involved about changes to the rules? Good thing it was brought up otherwise we would never know the difference.

Anonymous said...

Still waiting, do Berkholtz and Muir get to play?