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Please visit the links and support my friends and supporters!!!

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Trade - Bulldogs add scorer Tye Lewis for Curtis Tonello + future considerations...

A press release is forthcoming from the Bulldogs.

Here's the official transaction from the BCHL website

The Alberni Valley Bulldogs Hockey Club transfers the playing rights of Curtis Tonello (90)(D) and future considerations to the Trail Smoke Eaters Hockey Club in exchange for the playing rights of Tye Lewis (89)(F).

Welcome to the club Tye.

And best of luck, thanks, and farewell to Curtis Tonello. The Smokies are getting a great kid with great potential. He was nothing but an honest and hard working competitor in the 72 games that he wore the Bulldog sweater. Off the ice he was always great in the community.

Good luck in Trail my friend!

Lewis put up over a point per game in Trail, with 15 goals and 19 assists for 34 points in 30 games with the Smokies.

Check out Lewis' numbers from the USHL and NAHL here

At the end of this highlight reel - about the 6:00 mark - Lewis scores a highlight reel overtime game winner that's worth checking out!

And with his numbers I would believe him to be a guy that does this too often but it looks like he can take care of himself.


Anonymous said...

see ya Tonni, you'll be missed.

Hey Hammer,

BCHL website has a pole on the front page in which Kevin Ross is inlcluded as an option for most impressive breakout. Maybe you could put a shout out to Dog's fans to put in their vote.

Anonymous said...

The new guy will be a much needed addition to the front line, great pick up - a player than can score and fight, definately something we were lacking. Good Luck to the Dogs tonight. I guess the new aquisition should be in town tomorrow, looking forward to seeing him play.

Hammer said...

Anonymous #1 - I saw that thing on Kevin Ross and have voted as many times as it would let me, I never thought of putting a link up, that's a great idea!

Anonymous #2 - Just talked with Nolan Graham on the pregame show. Lewis will be in Trail though the weekend unfortunately, as he's scheduled to write the SAT there this weekend. Tough luck for the Dogs that the schedule worked out that way but that's they way she goes.