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Please visit the links and support my friends and supporters!!!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

SKATE WITH DOGS TONIGHT + my Christmas Present to you!

Don't forget, 6:30 tonight is the 100% free everyone welcome Winter Wonderland "skate with the Bulldogs"

Skate rentals are free!

I was at the rink today, and I'm always floored when I see the set up. The way they turn the Coulson side into that display is just plain incredible!!

Sorry the blog has been quiet for the most part the last couple of days. I have a good reason for it at least - I have been very very busy the last two days making my Christmas present to ALL of you and ALL of the BCHL!

Yes, it's that time of year again!

Coming soon to a radio station near you and here on the blog you'll get my high tech version of a Christmas Card. But this is a card to you from not just me, but the entire Bulldog roster and staff!

It is called - "A Very Merry Bulldog Christmas" where the players and staff will send out their Christmas greetings, AND they'll tell us what they have on their "wish list" for what they want under their tree on Christmas morning! It's always a neat experience talking to all the guys to see how they go with this one!

"A Very Merry BCHL Christmas" is where I attempt to contact the entire BCHL. It might not seem like much, "attempting" to contact all 17 BCHL Head Coaches, and all 17 BCHL play-by-play broadcasters. Trust me, it isn't always the easiest task....some of these people are very very busy!

So far I have made pretty good progress, so wish me luck. It's the same format with the coaches and radio guys as it is with the Bulldogs - they will send out their holiday greetings and then tell me what they have on their wish list.

All very fun stuff, being able to talk one on one with the great people that make up this league and make it as great as it is.

Both are coming up this weekend!


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Maggie said...

Love it Hammer can't wait to listen. Here I thought you were just resting after a long roadie to the frozen north. Should have known better, you are always working on something for us mollycoddled Bulldog fans!!
Looking forward this weeks gamenight, seems the last one was so long ago. Missed "Bones" interview wondered if you could please post on the blog. Thanks.