Please visit the links and support my friends and supporters!!!

Please visit the links and support my friends and supporters!!!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Prince George Coliseum - video

I'm sorry this took so long. Really wanted to have it up before or during the game last night, but youtube hasn't been my friend lately.

No, I didn't win the frisbee toss.


Anonymous said...

You were too busy doing the itinerary for the team's family, billet families and fans. Good work.

Hammer said...

I've decided I'm not going to be doing the interary or fun "Road Dairy" updates in the future.

It's not my job afterall.

All I was trying to do was have a little FUN and connect the fans to the team and what we're doing.

All the commenters have done, repetitively since I started, is turn it around into a negative thing on the behalf of the organization.

All coming from my blog and what I do.

Which of course is the absolute LAST thing I ever want this blog to be associated with.

Just so frustrating for me to try and have some fun and connect everyone and bring us on the road, and it just has to be turned into negative negative negative.

Think I want that?

Go Dogs.

Deb said...

Hmmm, you must be seeing it in a different way than the rest of us... I, for one do not see how this was made negative in any way. I'm sure you have dozens and dozens of thankful followers who appreciate your effort - which has nothing to do with the club. You're just making a good blog --- better. I thought we were having fun, guess I better go and read all the other comments cause maybe I missed something.
Fire it up tonight boys! Go Dogs!

Anonymous said...

I was reading the comments and understand why you don't want to continue the road trip diary... I enjoyed it while it lasted though. :0)
Looking forward to the broadcast tonight!!
Go Dogs Go!!

Hammer said...

Thanks for understanding and thanks as well Deb for the comment.

It seemed as the comments continued it was less and less I was making a good blog, and more and more that the team wasn't doing what some people wanted.

Like I said originally - it falls on my head as I'm the guy bringing it out. Again - if it could be "good job hammer" and not "bad job team" I'd love to continue it.

I don't want to start something, and continue to do something, if that's the tone it takes. I hope you all understand, and can see where I'm coming from. I never thought for a second that me doing this would bring this out.

Again to reiterate - LAST thing I want the blog to be is an example for people to use to show the team isn't doing what they want. I try to make it a way to follow the team and bring the team to you all. If doing that brings up a platform for people to complain about the teams operation, I'm not going to do it.

Phone 'em and let them know if there is something you'd like done, I'd hope they'd give you an ear and listen to you, and especially, they'd be the people to get some results and answers, not me.

Thanks, and GO DOGS!

Anonymous said...

Well said Hammer! Issues people have with team personel should be dealt with them not on your blog. Not your responsibility. I really enjoyed the video of the rink last night.Thank you for your efforts and Go Dogs!!!!

Linda said...

Hammer, I thought I had sent a message earlier but obvously it didn't show up - old and slow at such things!! I have really enjoyed your road diary and team updates. I frequently check your blog and appreciate all the work you do. Don't let negative people stop something that we dog fans enjoy. And we do enjoy you and your blog!! From one of the silent majority! I'll be listening again tonight. Go Dogs. Linda

Anonymous said...

If the people who are posting are offending you, why not disabale the comments section?

Though I have to agree with Deb - I don't see the negativity you speak of.

Hope the Dogs get off to a good start tonight, like to see them up a couple rather than down a couple after one.

Hammer said...

Thanks for the support and comments all. Much appreciated.

For sure hope for a better start tonight!