Please visit the links and support my friends and supporters!!!

Please visit the links and support my friends and supporters!!!

Friday, December 18, 2009

Friday Bulldog Bits....

A Friday that ISN'T a game day..that's the first time in a while. October 16th as a matter of fact.

A couple random thoughts and other things.

Look for the Bulldogs out in the community today as they are taking full advantage of their day off by getting out and getting involved. This morning the team will be out delivering all the 900 or so teddy bears that you all threw a couple weeks back. The benefactors - patients at West Coast General Hospital, Fir Park, Echo Village, The Salvation Army, and MORE.

Later, the team will be delivering Christmas Trees to several needy families that they have sponsored for Christmas. OUTSTANDING.

And finally tonight, the guys will be working the Salvation Army Kettles from 6pm to 8pm at Walmart!

Way to go Dogs!


It's tough to start this conversation without a disclaimer. The disclaimer being - I'm NOT taking anything away from Laurent Brossoit in Cowichan. Especially because he's a Port Alberni native!

Brossoit was named the BCHL player of the week last week. He had two appearances, and gave up no goals. One was half a game in Quesnel, the other was a full start in Williams Lake. Sounds like a good week.

WHEN will the Dogs get some love when it comes to the BCHL player of the week award?

Tough to believe that the top team on the Coast hasn't had one player of the week nod yet. It's not like they don't have the league's top goal scorer, and with one of the leagues top 5 ranked goalies...I understand it's tough to spread the recognition around though.

Just last week alone - Mitch MacMillan - 5 goals and 3 assists for 8 points in four games. Mark MacMillan - 3 goals and six assists for 9 points in four games. David Dziurzynski - 1 goal 4 assists 5 points in three games.

All while the team went 3 on 3 on the road. I'm sure every team has a case or two over the last week for their guys too though, right?

One more second on Mark MacMillan. I'm not sure people get how good this kid is. Is it that he's overshadowed by his linemates?

This guy is the top scoring 17 year old in the ENTIRE LEAGUE. Anyone else notice that yet?

Yet he's not good enough for a roster spot in the prospects game, or for the All Star game?

Well it doesn't appear that he needs the recognition anyway. Several NCAA schools at the very top of the rankings are drooling over this guy. And I think they know a good player when they see one.

No offense to any other players of the week or players on the prospect game roster or all star roster. I'm jus' sayin'

I won't even get started on Kevin Ross being left out. 5th in the league in scoring for defenceman. And his best attributes don't even show up in stats either. Oh well, I don't think not making a BCHL All Star team will hurt Ross much when he's at Princeton next season.

I'd apologize for all this tire pumping I'm doing, but I know I'm just like any other fan and supporter of their own team - I want to see the guys I follow recognized.


HUGE congrats goes out to the Bulldogs organization, the ADSS Leadership Class, and the community at large for their efforts in the "Building a better community tomorrow by fighting hunger today" campaign.

The goal was the weight of the team in non perishable food items - 4002 pounds. So far, with over 4500 items donated, it appears the goal has been raised. Outstanding job everyone!


How cool is this? 'Dogs forward Trent Dorais will represent our country this summer in Austria at the World Ball Hockey Championships...Here's an email I got from Trent's mom!

Trent has been chosen by the Canadian Ball Hockey Association to play for the 2010 Junior Team Canada going to compete in the 2010 World Championship in Villach, Austria this coming June.

Trent has worked hard for this opportunity, and is prepared to pay for most of his trip himself working in the offseason. 100% of all corporate donations and contributions will be used to reduce the financial burden of the players so I'm doing my best to help get the word out there.

If you can think of anyone that might be interested in sponsoring please pass this email along.

Below is the link to the official announcement as well as a copy of the sponsorship letter. I've also sent the letter as an attachment.

Thanks so much,
Charlie ... aka Trent's Mom.. lol

Sponsorship of 2010 Junior Team Canada member Trent Dorais

The Canadian Ball Hockey Association (CBHA), which was founded in 1977, has played an integral role in the growth and development of the sport at the international level. Our nation has quickly built a heritage of success on the international field, and currently are the reigning world champions at the U16, U18 and U20 levels. After capturing gold at the inaugural World Junior Championship in 2000, Canada reclaimed gold in 2008. We are now seeking corporate partners for our 2010 campaign of Junior Team Canada and their trip to Villach, Austria.

The CBHA, is a proud Associate Member of the Canadian Hockey Association. With some 70,000, aged 6 to 30, playing in registered leagues across our country every summer, the sport is recognized as a growing force in amateur athletics, and clearly represents the grass roots level of hockey because its ease of play and inexpensiveness attracts peoples of all ethnic and economic backgrounds.

Our National Junior Team program will include players, aged 18 and 19, from across Canada.

After applying the limited funding we have to date, the out of pocket expense to the players is a staggering $2,500 each, for flights, accommodations, ground transportation, medical & training supplies, team doctor, and equipment. With this cost, we risk alienating some of our best athletes and denying them of a tremendous life experience. 100% of all corporate donations and contributions will be used to reduce the financial burden of the players.

Junior Team Canada will feature 24 players from across the country and will face stiff competition from the perennial favorites Czech Republic, Slovakia, and the U.S.A. However, their biggest challenge may be fund raising for the trip with a budget in excess of $80,000. The event is expected to have as many as ten teams competing for the prestigious International Street & Ball Hockey Federation's World Junior Championship Cup. Along with Canada, Bosnia, Czech Republic, Finland, Germany, Italy, Slovakia, Switzerland, United States of America and the Austrian hosts are attending.

If you wish any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Mauro Cugini

Junior Team Canada

Canadian Ball Hockey Association

5 – 56 Pennsylvania Ave

Concord, Ontario, L4K 3V9

Tel: 905 738 3320

Fax: 905 738 3321



Please give a hand if you can! Cool stuff for Trent, sounds like some great off-season conditioning for sure!


Deb said...

David DZIURZYNSKI is highly under-rated on that line, deserves a lot more praise than he gets, he's a set up guy that doesn't need the spot light but deserves to be in it.

Hammer said...

I thought with your capitalization of Dziurzynski that I spelled it wrong!

Deb said...

lol - no, I copy and pasted of the roster.

Mutt said...

Dizzy is Da Man!

Fresh Prince of Sproat Lake said...

I hear what your saying Hammer but it is okay to fly under the radar. Unheralded doesn't mean unrecognized. To heck with the league brass and everyone else. All the Bulldogs need is to keep pulling together, believe in each other and show what is possible. No headlines and no accolades means fewer distractions. Like you said, the future looks bright for a lot of the Dogs and they don't need media confirming that. Keep up the good work Bulldogs and you too Hammer. It has been a good year and as fans we are very proud of the boys. :)