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Please visit the links and support my friends and supporters!!!

Saturday, December 05, 2009

Beaver Creek R/C Grand Opening today, Teddy Bear Toss TONIGHT, Dogs host Kings

Located next to Beaver Creek Home Centre, Beaver Creek R/C is having their grand opening today to coincide with their sponsorship of the Teddy Bear Toss tonight.

This shop is like a motorized version of a candy store for little and big kids alike! Cars, trucks, boats, planes, 'copters. Cool stuff.

I tried my hand at the "game" on the TV screen below. It's pretty cool, a full on R/C controller that works through a computer, through the TV. I even managed to land my plane once, which got some kudos....I won't mention the 19 or so crashes into bushes, shrubs, trees, THE GROUND, haha.

Catch the pregame show tonight at 6:45 with the play-by-play at 7 with Rick and myself.

Yes, I'll bring out another trivia question for you to take a crack at.

Tonight's second intermission feature guest is Nanaimo Clippers play-by-play voice Dan Marshall. Of course the Dogs are in Nanaimo for a 3pm tilt with the Clippers tomorrow afternoon.

Expect nothing but a tooth and nail hard fought battle tonight.

Here's the last three minutes of the game the last time the Dogs and Kings met.

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