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Please visit the links and support my friends and supporters!!!

Monday, November 09, 2009

WOW. Bulldogs "honorable mention" in National Rankings....

Its funny how these things mean next to nothing until they involve your club.

And I don't mean JUST because the Dogs are all of a sudden mentioned do they mean something.

They meant something when the Dogs played Vernon, Penticton, and Surrey - who were all ranked or mentioned. So of course I mentioned that fact when it came to playing those teams.

But now for the Bulldogs - and their fans - they may REALLY mean something. Because it's not the opposition on the radar. It's the home team too.

They won't win you a championship, they won't win you a game. BUT they'll give your fans something to be proud of, and your players coaches and organization something to be proud of. Some recognition for what you have going on in your organization.



Read more here - THE CJHL'S LATEST TOP 20

What's really funny is that my hometown and first team, the Flin Flon Bombers, are right next to the Dogs. It's a small hockey world.


fresh prince of sproat lake said...

well crafted comments Hammer. I remember the hype in 05-06, that was the last time the Dogs made the list. This year we won't have any cocky fans on message boards hopefully (LOL) but this recognition is simply confirmation that this team is FOR REAL. As long as they keep playing how they're playing, doing what they're doing, there's no reason to think AVB can't be a serious threat this season. It seems these guys like each other, they look like a hockey team and they sure are fun to watch. Way to go Bulldogs. Just keep it going all the way!

Hammer said...

Fresh Prince of Sproat Lake!! Awesome name!

Yes, I certainly hope the Dogs fans don't take on a cocky attitude. That was a little unbecoming at times in 05-06 but to each their own...

And I agree 100% this team is for real. What they need to do though - is keep getting BETTER!