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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Frank Slubowski story, Nolan Graham 8:10 tomorrow morning on 93.3 THE PEAK, Daniel Moriarty interview coming up..

Here's a great story from today's AV Times about Dogs goalie Frank Slubowski, by Shane Morrow.

Click here to read "Goaltender shows promise heading into second half of BCHL season"

Bulldogs Head Coach and GM Nolan Graham will join me tomorrow to talk about all things Bulldogs, from the action on the ice to the action off to it (see the below posting from earlier today)

I know I talked about it already on the pre and post game shows Sunday, but I need to mention it again for all the Bulldog fans that were in the rink Sunday that missed the broadcast.

I was quite shocked when I walked into the coaches room Sunday to do my pregame interview at about 12:20pm. When I greeted Paul and Nolan I asked them how their morning was and how their sleep was. Mostly because it was at the four games in five days point now, with the team returning late the night before from Duncan. Or early the morning of I guess. Needless to say it was feeling like the team had played 10 games by that point, not 4.I made the mistake of catching some shut eye on the ride home, and when I finally got home I paid for it as I couldn't sleep again until about 3:30am.

The whole reason I was shocked was because Nolan said his morning was great, he had just returned to town after catching a Midget game in Nanaimo!

When I told him he was crazy, he just said that it was a chance to catch a game with a couple teams that he didn't want to pass on.

After a late return from Duncan I don't know how early he would have had to have woken up to get from Port to Nanaimo and back to Port already before the Dogs game, but it must not have been a pleasant wake up.

When it comes to the coach's level of work ethic and passion that he obviously has for the Bulldogs hockey program, it sure makes sense when one sees how hard the players have worked game in and game out so far this season. They are an image of their coach, putting their work boots on every game every practice every day.

I do what I do, and I love doing that I do, because it's just so great to see them get rewarded for all their efforts. And I hope it keeps going!

Speaking of getting rewarded for their efforts...

One of the hardest working of 'em all. Daniel Moriarty. Not surprised ONE BIT that the above picture is the first I found when searching Daniel Moriarty. He's the guy in Harvard Crimson, wearing the Boston College goalie like he's a wet blanket.

Moriarty is an incredible story any hockey player needs to hear.

I don't want to tell too much because the interview is coming up on 93.3 The Peak pretty quick.

He was playing in the SJHL, going his 20 year old season thinking he needed the exposure the BCHL had to offer. He heard about the great off ice program in Alberni Valley run by Tom McEvay, and said he would love to go to the Island. Lo and behold he ended up in Alberni for 2007-2008.

The season didn't start well for the team, and it didn't start well for Daniel either. He was playing very poor, and didn't have a goal through the first 6 or 7 games of the season. He ended up getting his first in Victoria, I still remember it - going to the net, and getting four cracks on net before finally somehow willing one past the goalie.

Then he caught fire and he starting playing well. He adjusted to the BCHL. But the NCAA offer wasn't immediate. It took all the way to January for the offer to finally come. And how he's in his second year in Harvard, after winning the George Percy Award

The Dogs have done well in their short franchise history of moving lots of guys on like Daniel.

While I always look forward to catching up with the Alumni, my favorite part is watching the current roster working their butts off to be one of the alumni also playing hockey at the next level.


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