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Please visit the links and support my friends and supporters!!!

Friday, November 27, 2009

Breaking News - Tiger Woods injured in car accident. More notes on tonight...

Crazy story here. 2:30 this morning Tiger Woods was pulling out of his driveway and ended up seriously injured after striking a fire hydrant and a tree. Yet alcohol isn't believed to be a factor?

Check the story at by clicking here

Update - he has been released per

For more stuff on tonight and tomorrow, visit the Bulldogs website to read my preview article here

I'm testing the posting my line up card.

I've received some requests about game day line ups here on the blog - who's in and who's out. I am able to click the below image, and once it opens click it again to make it full size. Hopefully it works the same for you.

Sam Mitchell is banged up and is "day to day"

Warren Muir is out for up to a month after getting injured blocking a shot Sunday against Merritt.

Sean Robertson has been out since game 1 of the season after he broke his femur in Nanaimo.

A word of caution when it comes to the information available in the BCHL regarding injuries - it's next to NONE, unless it's regarding the team you follow.

As broadcasters we sometimes don't get the scratches until moments before puck drop.



Deb said...

Didn't expect local player injuries to make the online internet news express.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Deb. I thought that it would be a "need to know" thing, not a "everyone know" thing.

Hammer said...

I am beyond careful when it comes to disclosing injuries about Bulldog players.

I don't post ANYTHING that isn't approved by the coaching staff.

I've heard it both ways. I'm not doing my job well enough if I don't report on the status of every player on the team. I'm doing my team a disservice when it comes to reporting any news whatsoever.

I would think that saying someone is injured, but giving zero specifics about said injury, is a pretty safe update.

Deb said...

I figured you'd have a long rebuttal about it... I was just stating an opinion just like yourself and I was honestly surprised - that's all. D

Anonymous said...

I like to see the Bulldogs game day lineup posted on gameday a few hours before game time, and I also like to see player scratches posted a few hrs. before game time.

I think its great.