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Please visit the links and support my friends and supporters!!!

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Wow.... "It's time for real Bulldog fans to step up"

How about this one from the Alberni Valley Times...WOW.

ONE comment on the letter - Maybe it's not exactly good for business and the dollars coming in, but I'd rather the people that boo stay HOME instead of paying their money to sit in the seats and boo.

One thing Alberni fans need to be commended for - they have NEVER booed their team. And they had many reasons to boo from last season to 06-07. In my opinion, that's true support and that's harder than not coming.

A great letter by Patrick, nice to see someone take the time to get a positive word out about the team.

Mark my words. If these guys keep it up, every single last person that dropped a season ticket will be regretting it. Because the pound will be packed to the rafters very soon.

And I can't wait.

It's time for real Bulldog fans to step up

Alberni Valley Times

Published: Wednesday, October 07, 2009

One criticism and one compliment. First the criticism. Get with the program fans. I have noticed a lot of vacant seats this past couple of years and I am just a bit put out by our "so called" local fans! Where is your loyalty? In our early years here in Port, I truly thought this was a real hockey town, but in the last couple of years, I have come to see, it is just a town where they disown the team if it loses. In the forum in Montreal, they may "boo" you and/or not ask you to join them for dinner, but the fans will never ever desert you, like I have seen here! Young people need support. Give it to them!

As for the compliment. We experienced our final Men's Night and were treated to having coach Nolan Graham and player Mitch McMillan join us for golf and dinner amongst all our other great sponsors.

But what got my attention was their interest in what Ty Watson House was about while talking with Lynn Turner, executive director of our hospice house. "It wasn't about them"! These two Bulldogs representatives appeared gracious, interested, and sincere. Thank you gentlemen, and to the organization for sponsoring this past season.

Patrick Little

Port Alberni

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Anonymous said...

I totally agree this team needs to be supported 100% bye the Alberni fans, win or loose,and right now they are winning they are working so hard every game so come on Fans !! show your appreciation They are great team to watch