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Please visit the links and support my friends and supporters!!!

Saturday, October 03, 2009

Game Day - Clippers @ Dogs. Dave Sales Interview Tonight

Well, it's finally here. The Nolan Graham Bulldogs taking on the Bill Bestwick Clippers.

Of course that's not what it IS, but it feels like it.

If you are a fan in the very least of these two teams, you are well aware of the story line.

If you aren't a fan, but you have turned on a radio or picked up a Sports Section of a Newspaper, you are also aware of the story line.

From the Nanaimo News Bulletin today, click to read

"Clippers head over hump to take on old friend"

Thanks as always to Dan for the link.

All story lines aside the Dogs no doubt want to bounce back with a "W" before they head out for four straight on the road.

As for the Clippers - when was the last time, if EVER that you looked at the Coastal Conference Standings and saw them at the very bottom?

I think just MAYBE they might be taking this one pretty serious tonight.

While the Clippers are winless at home, they have picked up their only wins on the road. And you know they'd like nothing more to quiet the Dog Pound tonight.

I can't wait.

Our pregame show kicks off from the Pound tonight at 6:45 with the puck drop at 7:00pm.

BCHL Executive Director Dave Sales will be my 1st AND 2nd intermission guest. I caught up with Dave yesterday and we just had WAY to many things to talk about at the league level, so it ended up as two interviews so be sure to catch it tonight.

Gotta go, I'm ON LOCATION at Alberni Communications from 11 to 1 today. No rest for the wicked.


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