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Please visit the links and support my friends and supporters!!!

Friday, October 09, 2009

Bye Bye Island!

Goodbye Island as we are currently on the boat on our way to Merritt. Its a nice day out to travel - cloudy, but still bright.

Ferries. Just seems there's always a problem, doesn't it?

We were delayed on departure as the refrigeration units went on the Coastal Renaissance so they had to load an entire new store of supplies.

Speaking of supplies, the attached pictures will give you an idea of what the Dogs take with them on the road. And this is just all the "team" stuff that trainer Jess Moser packs, all of the individual players bags make the trip as well of course.

We take to the air at 7:15 tonight with the pregame show, with all the action following at 7:30.

I'll put the game day chat up on the blog later, so please check back and join in on the discussion.

The rules of the chat room are simple. First off, remember its a chat room. That's the whole idea of it - to chat! Other than that, please watch your language, don't you dare think of any racist comments, and try your best to remember before you might be overly critical that the player in question is someones son/brother/grandson etc and they are you can be sure they are trying their best!


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Anonymous said...

love the chat room. was going to go on it last game but seemed that there were more kids horsing around and not making any sense so didnt bother. hope it won't happen this game.

Superstar Fan said...

I agree with the previous poster. Gets to the point when you don't even read it anymore - lotsa nonsense babbling between 2-3 people. Hopefully, it will draw more fans tonight like Statsman - he knows what he's talking about.
Good luck to the Dogs and hope you all had a safe trip to the Merrit barn. Oh, btw - thanks for the pictures.

Hammer said...

It's almost like you knew the post was directed at you Superstar Fan.

It was.

I went and reviewed the chat after the game. Your attitude started off good enough, answering questions regarding the game.

Then, the moderator of the CHAT asks a pretty neat question - "Who can name the Bulldog goalies" and you answer "Why would we care"

?? We would care because we are Bulldog fans.

You then tell people to go and "go on their facebooks if they want to chat"


The most important thing to say - I value your comments and support for the blog, and I appreciate you coming to read it. Thanks.

Secondly - The chat apparently isn't for you one bit, so you should probably just stay out of it if when someone asks a Bulldog related question you say "who cares" and if you are suggesting people to leave.

I'm not about to put a age limit, or a hockey knowledge limit on the chat room.



Go nuts.

That's why it's a chat.

I won't be a fan of everything in there, just like you weren't. But there wasn't anything inappropriate in there. It was actually more appropriate than most chat rooms I have been in.

But it gives people a place to come together, in real time, to CHAT, mingle amongst each other, and CHEER ON THE DOGS.

And that's just about what I saw going on in the replay of the chat from Tuesday.

The only person with a poor attitude in there was you.

You seem like a great fan, but maybe not someone suited for the chat room, nothing wrong with that!

A word to the wise - responding to yourself doesn't drive the point of the opinion home anymore than just doing it once, if anything it detracts from it.


Superstar Fan said...

Yes - I will definately pass on the chat room thing, not at all what I expected. Although the PR game was good. Good luck to the boys, hoping they will be posting a big "W" after tonights game to start off the 1st roadtrip series of games.

Anonymous said...

Well said Hammer! I heard some kids talking about your chat room and how much they loved it at school today! As long as they are having fun and being appropriate then I say "chat away"

Have a good game!