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Please visit the links and support my friends and supporters!!!

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

5-5 Final @ Victoria

Well, what a game as the Dogs and Grizzlies played to a draw tonight at the Bear Mountain Arena.

A couple observations as I write this on the dark bus ride home.

I thought that the Dogs had great jump in this one, looking as good offensively as they have at any point so far this season.

At the same time, they didn't play nearly as good defensively as they have over the last couple of games and that translates into the most goals they've given up since the opener and a blown 5-3 third period lead.

Missing David Dzuirzynski and what he brings didn't help, but it gave guys a chance to step up. I really liked Matt Hatch, Casey Bailey and Tyler Berkholtz tonight. Mitch MacMillan was a beast, leading the team in shots and hits. He finished more checks tonight than any other game this season.

I really liked Nick Cecere on the back end tonight as well.

All in all, its a good road point in a tough place to play. A good start to four in a row on the road.

I need some shut eye, 5am will come early.


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Nick said...

Did you have a better view of what may or may not have been the OT winner that the Dogs had? The light came on, but the ref waved it off.

What did you see? My view from behind the bench was somewhat blurry from the way the glass is.

Hammer said...

My view was nothing but legs and sticks and arms.

I too saw the goal light come on though. I remarked at the time that you don't usually see the goal light go on in the home teams rink when the visiting team scores a close one, but everyone gets an itchy trigger finger sometimes. I will say that I know the Grizz off-ice volunteers and they are good people.

Lastly - Referee Trent Knorr was in perfect position on the play, right behind and off the side of the net. He was quite emphatic when waving it off, so I'll go with him.